It's Time To Start Trusting Capcom Again

After some less than stellar years, Capcom has been on fire lately. Has the company really managed to turn things around this quickly?

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Smokehouse1909d ago

Yeah I have loved the last 5 games I have bought from them. A few are remasters but they are killing it. Can’t wait to try dmc5 later.

FalconofLucis981909d ago

RE7 sucked balls, MHW, RE2 and DMC5 on the other hand.... yes.

KyRo1909d ago

RE7 was bloody amazing! Then again I guess it's down to tastes as I really couldn't get into MHW. It was the first in the series I had tried but it was alot to take in.

Smokehouse1909d ago

I enjoyed re7. Re2 was better though I agree. MVCi sucked though, I forgot that one.

mezati991909d ago

RE7 is a fucking masterpiece

PoSTedUP1909d ago

we complained about re5-6, they listened. RE1 remaster, RE7, RE2 remaster. what more could i ask? apology accepted, capcom!

Sirk7x1909d ago

Have you played it in VR? Friggin' terrifying.

Thundercat771909d ago

You are crazy. RE7 is spectacular and revived the franchise.

Larrysweet1909d ago

Re7 arguably scariest and best

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Movefasta19931909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

good and great games they released this gen: Monster hunter 4u, Monster hunter gen ultimate, monster hunter 5, dmc5, res 2, res7. They have been the best so far this gen for me. SF and Marvel were big dissapoinments but I am more of a tekken guy anyways

monkey6021909d ago

Dead Rising 4 was a stinker too 😔

Dacapn1909d ago

Capcom is making great games except for their fighting game division. They still haven’t figured their sh*t out yet.

jaymacx1909d ago

They need to change the art direction for SF. Also give us the complete package day one. SF5 almost felt like a free to play game when it released. It’s come a long way since then but this practice is unacceptable. As for Infinite, it was boring and the roster was weak. It also needed better art direction.

Fluttershy771909d ago

Oh I would love them to go back to the Alpha series

SuperSonic911909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Power Stone 3
Mega Man Legends 3
Dino Crysis 3

jaymacx1909d ago

I never lost faith in them. I have been disappointed though, but I knew they’d get it together eventually.
Low point for Resident Evil- RE6
Low point for Devil may cry - letting another studio do DMC
Low point for Mega Man - no new entry in a long time
Low point for Marvel vs Capcom- Infinite was mediocre and lacked the roster and soul of the older games.
Lowest point was Bionic commando for 360/ps3
As a Japanese 3rd party, they have some of the biggest IPs. Hopefully they can return to glory with their fighting games as they have with it’s other games.

Sevir1909d ago

I'm in the minority but I loved DmC:Devil May Cry and wished they'd have done that instead of DMC5 especially since they swapped the Canon for DMC again.

I'm not upset we got a DMC5 though as I think, both of those could exist. But they'll never happen because NT is owned by MS.

Shiken1909d ago

What do you mean "Swapped again"? It was never swapped before to my knowledge.

Anyway DmC should have always been its own IP, they were just milking the name. The game was not bad. But I am in the camp that would be very upset if they made DmC2 instead of DMC5. I have been waiting for a proper sequel to DMC4 for a long time, and hope they never stray from the mainline canon again.

thatguyhayat1909d ago

I lost faith in them with the stunt they pulled with Asuras Wrath. But im starting to trust them again with MH world, Resident evil 2 and Onimusha remaster. Havent picked up Devil May cry 5 yet


What did they do wrong with Asuras Wrath? It was a good game.

paintedgamer19841909d ago

How have capcom not made a new dino crisis yet?