Capcom’s Resident Evil Switch Pricing is Nothing New

Forget demanding a REbate – there's only one way to send Capcom a message.

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AK911487d ago

Something tells me this is a Ninty issue not a Capcom one.

Enigma_20991487d ago

You're half right. Nintendo Switch cartridges cost more than discs, so physical copies cost more. BUT Nintendo allows publishers to charge what they want for games on the consoles. Capcom goes the cheap route and uses smaller capacity cartridges to recoup costs, opting to make larger parts of their releases downloadable, and now it seems that they STILL overcharge you compared to releases on other consoles to cover the "Switch tax." So maybe don't be so quick to absolve them of guilt here. If anything, Nintendo is guilty of using an expensive format.

averagejoe261487d ago

Definitely not buying these games at that absurd price. Fanboys might buy up anything for Switch but not level headed gamers.

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PhoenixUp1487d ago

I still can’t believe so many Switch owners bought that Street Fighter II port at such a high price. No wonder so many publishers believe they can get away with higher priced games on Switch, especially when Nintendo itself makes an unchallenged habit of it