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Polygon: The Dead or Alive series is its own worst enemy. The two-decade-old franchise has been an enjoyable, easy-to-pick-up fighter built around an intuitive fighting system. But its focus on flashy moves and presentation also regrettably and irrevocably ties the series to its oversexualized aesthetic. Dead or Alive is notorious for its big-breasted — and more recently, creepily very young — female fighters and the exaggerated physics engine used to make their virtual flesh bounce.

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Bathyj1374d ago

Complains the sexuality over shadows the fighting, and writes a review focusing on the sexuality.

That's what's wrong with gaming media today.

Fluttershy771374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It's a well written review, it doesn't focus on the sexuality aspects that's false... I mean you complain about the article and you didn't even read it, and I don't mean in depth... just casual reading and you would see that the guy is talking about all the aspects of the game.

gamer78041374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

yah you are just wrong Fluttershy77, the first intro of the review is polygon complaining about the sexuality of women... which men find attractive. They should probably have Gillette advertise on their site.

PaleMoonDeath1374d ago

Polygon.. remember that before you guys take this seriously, this game needs more bouncy boobs.

1374d ago
BadElf1374d ago

These sites....they make it so easy to not click on their articles. Sexuality is still a big thing in this game then? Good for them!

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The story is too old to be commented.