Mirrors Edge Graphics Comparison:Ps3 version looks slightly better


"After downloading and spending a good hour with both Demo versions of Mirrors Edge,it's clear Dice Studios are headed in the right direction in terms of gameplay.In terms of Graphics,Mirrors Edge has a fantastic art style to it that compliments the unique gameplay and control mechanics.Of course,like the majority of Multi-platform releases,there were a few differences between the versions,specifically in the Graphics department..."

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FBl4613d ago

All Ps3 versions of Multiplatform games look better

GiantEnemyLobster4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

I get to play my copy of mirrors edge on my Xbox 360 right away. Poor PStards have to wait until their mandatory install is finished, then they will be prompted to download a day 1 patch, by that time i'll be well into enjoying my Xbox 360 copy of Mirrors Edge.

dj_funky4611d ago

yes we might have our installs but when it's done you're precious 360 is either..

1. still loading the first stage
2. or just got the RROD

GiantEnemyLobster4611d ago

Its been proven with EVERY multiplatform game that the Xbox 360 load times are still faster than the PS3s, leading me to wonder what the hell the point of installs even are.

Don't believe me? Look for videos comparing the load times of GTA IV.

GiantEnemyLobster4611d ago

My 360 has never got RRoD. However my friend's ps3 got the 'yellow light of death', meaning his harddrive fried. I guess Sony doesn't know how to make a console at all.. Even when he got a new harddrive, a firmware patch he downloaded bricked his console. What a shame.

Empyrean_Eclipse4611d ago

that's what your friend deserved befriending with the likes of you.

TheXgamerLive4611d ago

This comparioson is a lie, in fact this game is the truly first that I can say where both versions looked exactly the same to me, based on the compariosn video i saw yesterday, except for a few jaggies as stated. So, stop the lies, and enjoy the game.

Lanoire4611d ago

And that is a fact.

You are a piece of shiat. And trolled endlessly when multiplatform games looked slighty worse on PS3 (even though no one gives a fk).

Now the roles have reversed. The tables have turned. DMC4, GTA4, Dead Space, now mirrors edge.

And now you and the other biatchbots are in damage control mode.

Well, well, well. This just means we are going to slap this in your face even more. Hahaha.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4611d ago

...It's Time Game Developers Dump the xBox 360!!! ;-D
They should now work on the REAL Next-gen Console the PS3!!!;)

Homicide4611d ago

EA has finally learned their lesson. PS3 lead platform = win!

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GrieverSoul4613d ago

I wish they didnt make these types of comparisons articles.
This will only lead to flame wars. One will say: ´´PS3 rules``, others wil say: ´´What about Bioshock?``.

How about we called it even?! N4G members, lets not turn this comment section in a flame war! Lets talk about the game experience that is the same on both consoles!

Lets do something diferent for a change! : )

sonarus4611d ago

I agree these comparisons need to stop. Its just dumb and stupid. The differences between the games are so small now its hardly noticable

mikeslemonade4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

Bioshock was patched already. It look the same as the 360 version. As for Mirrors Edge it's atleast a canidate for Game of the Year. The graphics aside from the jaggies are the best i have seen for a game that is coming out soon. And I love the art style. Hopefully the jaggies will be ironed out because other then that the graphics are top notch.

gameplayer4611d ago

Who the heck keeps approving blogs? I've seen so many of these on this site (pro 360 AND pro ps3). Doesn't anybody realize that 99.999999999999999% of the time these blogs are meaningless, fanboy drivel?! Must we really continue to endure these waste of time OPINIONS? Let's be clear, blogs are the OPINIONS of Joe Nobody NOT articles. If I write a blog and say the Wii is One MILLION times more powerful than the 360 and ps3 combined it would probably be pushed through by the Nintendo fanboys because that is apparently how this site operates!

Raptura4611d ago

I miss last gen.. very few comparison articles and arguments. Also, no one cared about which system is selling better. When will this madness end?

thewhoopimen4611d ago

Good stuff you showed. According to the posts the 360 has partial/mostly AA and ps3 doesn't. Wonder if that will change when both versions approach release?

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FBl4613d ago

The Ps3 version of Mirrors Edge has outrun all the other versions

Mr Fancy Pants4613d ago

I noted that the PS3 version showed a little of compression symptoms. if you look the video at the end of the demo you can see a lot of mosquito noise everywhere and when you see the edges of red words and art you can see more of this effect. but i think it's because is a demo?
but for 800MB isn't that a bit too much for a compressed demo that's so short?

but in-game graphics looks good just little bit of jaggies here and there.

4cough4613d ago