All Devil May Cry Games Ranked

Devil May Cry V launches next week and it has been a long time coming. With the fifth installment in the main series coming soon let us look back at the franchises long history and rate all the games from worst to best.

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Vhampir633d ago

Really? You count the "HD collection" as a seperate game?! DmC at #2... well the site's name doesn't lie.

Movefasta1993633d ago

3>4>1>2. If 1 had 4's gameplay it would rank at the top.

Gamehard633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

What about DmC over 1? Rofl

Movefasta1993633d ago

better bosses, better story, better level design, better new game plus, blood palace mode, REVOLUTIONARY GAMEPLAY. YEAH

theshredded633d ago

I'm glad I played dmc despite the naysayers. It felt like a great introduction to the series even if it's not really related and looks westernized. I just hope more vergil and dante is shown since that's what's left in DMCV from the reboot.

Movefasta1993633d ago

that vergil was terrible compared to the original.And I did enjoy dmc.

InTheLab633d ago

The list makes me want to attack the author but instead I will say I strongly disagree.

1.Devil May cry
2. DMC 3
3.DMC 4
5. DMC 2

DMC reboot and 3 are not awful games. They are just not very good and being devil may cry. I know there's a growing audience for DMC reboot but broken down for what it is, it's a poor knockoff of DMC 4's combat and terrible dialogue. When Dante has that back and forth with the one generic boss dropping F bombs at each other, I couldn't believe it was a ninja theory game I was playing.

Movefasta1993632d ago

Dmc3 is widely regarded as the best dmc so your list is trash

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