Halo 4 Originally Pitched as Xbox One Launch Title

343 Industries studio head Bonnie Ross sat down to talk about the original pitch for Halo 4, and the origins of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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Fluttershy77639d ago

At the same time they were working on Halo 4 they were "recreating every single-player campaign and every multiplayer mode in the mainline Halo franchise" and probably also drawing the original plans for 5?!!!

No wonder Why Master Chief Collection was such a mess! "plagued with issues at launch" says IGN...
Which makes me think of some words of Phil Spencer talking recently about the acquisition of the new studios, something in the line of developing resources and tools... Maybe not so much for new franchises but rather not having these problems in the future? Maybe not JUST for new games?

slate91639d ago

Just when I couldnt imagine the xbox 2013 launch being any worse.

PhoenixUp639d ago

That would’ve pitted Killzone and Halo against each other in another holiday season

Bane35639d ago

They should've did that

Sciurus_vulgaris639d ago

As beautiful as Halo 4 looked on the 360, the game particularity in split-screen would struggle (just like its older brother Halo:Reach).

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