Five Game Franchises That Should Be Continued

Many times a game connects with gamers but sadly due to financial reasons does not get follow ups that fans of the game would want. It can be very frustrating especially when a game ends on a cliffhanger or clearly has unresolved plot points.  With that in mind; Skewed and Reviewed have created an Opinion Piece of franchises they wish that would continue

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Garethvk798d ago

IGN has announced an animated series based on cut scenes from the game so we can hope.

Cajun Chicken797d ago

Would love a new Bulletstorm.

"God is Dead".

Fluttershy77797d ago

Oh I love it, but is just nostalgia talking, after Monkey Island 2 the series got worse and worse. Is better to have that great memory.

Petebloodyonion797d ago

I'm not the only BLOOD fan in this world (fun fact the Bloody part of my nick is in homage to this game and I almost called my son Caleb).

Now I must say that aside Command and Conker I really love that list but I would replace Command with Conker Bad Fur Day :)

sinspirit797d ago

Warhawk, Socom, Breath of Fire, Unholy War, MAG, Warcraft, Tony Hawk and NFS Underground, Crystal Chronicles, Resistance, MGS Portable Ops, Legacy of Kain, and FF: Tactics. Games that come to mind that I want something new of, or remakes.

Seraphim797d ago

Breath of Fire. Yes Please. Legacy of Kain. YES PLEASE!!

some other great mentions in there as well. Warcraft is long overdue. Warcraft 3 was decades ago and even WoW came out what, something like 15 years ago? Under the right developer and given enough time Warhawk could be a great IP for re-introduction. Warhawk and MAG could possibly even go the F2P route and be a huge success.

I'd add Suikoden to that list. Like Breath of Fire I wouldn't even mind some remaster or remakes of some of them. Grandia and Shadow Hearts are two more RPGs. The battle system in Shadow Hearts was just excellent and the stories were excellent. I could probably come up with a ton of others as well. So many great games and franchises that have just died off.

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The story is too old to be commented.