New Xbox Experience Load Time Comparison Video

Do Xbox 360 game installations speed up load times? See what difference there is in Ubisoft's Far Cry 2.

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Lou-Cipher4273d ago

A very small difference, but it is definitely an improvement.

It is worth it for the noise reduction alone.

Fox014273d ago

I installed Fable 2 on my HDD and OH MY GOOD, it now loads twice faster. That game really needed it.

FBl4273d ago

That it takes longer than the Ps3 version to load

bouncybullet4273d ago

Well what do you expect from a version that has lower quality textures.

PS360PCROCKS4273d ago

it got into the game like 10 seconds faster and than they seem to load about the same, so saves you some time, it's worth it! noise reduction is good

GWAVE4273d ago

But I thought installs were "gay", kids? Despite the fact that it makes the game run smoother and load faster, we've all been bashing the PS3 since Day One about the install files, and now it's a cool feature that we're all looking forward to?


And before anyone says it: most PS3 installs these days are optional or non-existant (see Uncharted and Dead Space for reference).

FantasyStar4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

PS3 Installs don't do much other than take up space and offer VERY LITTLE benefits to gamers. There's only a handful of games that'll benefit from the PS3 Installs while most of the 360's library will benefit, and no noise whatsoever!

Microsoft got it right by allowing us to install our entire games onto the HDD. Looks like Sony really did drop the ball on the standard HDD cause it looks like Microsoft might beat them to it. I'm over the whole "mandatory HDD Installs", now I'm antsy about which console can make the best use of my GBs and it looks like Microsoft FTW.

Man Sony...WTF? Why implement features if your devs won't make use of it. Didn't Sony promise Full-game Installs back in 2006 with Ridge Racer 7? Custom-Soundtracks practically non-existant, scarce trophy support until '09. I can list others like Screenshot capture, Youtube support, but I'll wait on those. Is Sony playing around too much with Home to really care about what's most important: the games should be Sony's #1 priority, and everything else comes 2nd. I can live without Home, but NXE is really showing up the PS3 in the gaming department for sure.

I know I would've loved to install R2 completely on the HDD for speedy loading.

bouncybullet4273d ago

MGS4 has to install every level, every time you play it.

BIG difference.

Plus its completely optional.

4273d ago
GWAVE4273d ago

@ FantasyStar

I think you're getting ahead of yourself. Developers cannot count on an HDD for the 360. In fact, Microsoft has pretty much said "NO!" to every dev that has asked to make their game require an HDD. The PS3 is a very different story, since every model comes with an HDD.

So, devs will not make 360 games that fully utilize the HDD. Period. The jury is still out on how this "optional install" thing will work. For all we know, it might shave a few seconds off load times and that's it. Framerate might stay the same. Texture pop-in might stay the same.

Now, notice how I said "might"...because we don't know yet. The "optional installs" MIGHT upgrade your 360 to a Blu Ray player. Who knows?

FantasyStar4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

True enough, however I don't count on PS3 devs optimizing for the PS3's HDD cause I've seen very few devs do the work that actually benefit the gamer.

As a user of NXE, I can tell you I see great benefits out of NXE. Mass Effects Texture-pop ins are a thing of the past, Lost Odyssey shaves off 4-5 seconds. (A 40%-50% gain from 10 seconds). Rock Band loads faster, Halo 3 barely benefits, Fable 2 is SUPER TIGHT, GTAIV is just as solid as the PS3 version now, Dead Rising is INCREDIBLY SMOOTH and GeoW feels tight as well, if not tighter because GeoW already does stream-loading. The jury is still out there, but I can personally tell you that Microsoft to this date has made the right decision. This is coming from a guy that works on broken 360s for a living and experiences the catastrophic nature of DVD-Drives dying, GPUs frying and heat management a problem for 360. The 360's is just as quiet as the PS3 now, if not quieter.

MGS4's Act-Installs was a terrible example of how limited devs are by the 2x BR Drive and Sony's 5GB max. Could you imagine how much stable it would be if Sony just allowed us to install entire games on the HDD from PS3's launch?

When it comes to programming for the HDD, the most important thing is optimizing the file-structure to decrease seek times and increase access times. Whatever benefits that the 360 saw in its DVD-9s get passed over to the HDD instantaneously because the file-structure is already optimized for low-seek, high-access. Also because HDD's data rates are much higher than DVD's. The same benefits can come from PS3 as well for Full-Disc installs, but so far Sony has yet to comment on NXE. I love Home and the potential it can bring to social gaming, but priorities man....

Like I said earlier, I'm totally over the "HDD installs". If you guys ever modded your Xbox 1, then you'll know the speedy benefits of loading from the HDD instead of the disc itself: Just about every Xbox game felt more fluid and the load times were alot shorter. Although this puts more stress on the HDD, for PS3; if the HDD breaks I can buy a new one. I always keep my data backed up. Sony has a huge opportunity to snatch the limelight from NXE with its own game-install system. Revise the mandatory-installs, or just get rid of them all-together and just give us the full-installs instead.

And just imagine the more potential with Solid State Disks, that's something Microsoft will never have because of their proprietary(LIE) HDDs.

OC_MurphysLaw4273d ago

You gotta get it right if you are going to throw it back in our faces. Mandatory installs are retarded and suck... optional installs equal choice and are completely fine by me.

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Mozilla894273d ago

are indeed gay but thankfully most games these days do have optional installs instead of mandatory or none at all. Someone mentioned Resistance earlier but that doesn't need an install cause it runs fast already and the PS3 never had a noise problem in the first place. I guess it juts depends on who the developer is. For wide open games like Far Cry I'l still expecting mandatory installs. Still it made the biggest difference when you boot up the game not when loading up your save game files. I think the noise reduction is worth it though.

Ichiryoka4272d ago

Yet on the 360 you can see clear as day that the install actually helps loading times and system noise. So is in other words you prefer them over the game not being installed correct? Lets say you buy gears of war 2 and you play it uninstalled, we all know where this is going, load times are slower and you have the noise going on in the background, would you install it or play it as it is? would you settle for the ahhh its ok version or the look how fast i got into my game, I don't hear any noise, full blown all out war action without any background annoyances...I'd choose the later, but that's just me and my opinion, its up to you guys.

LazyDevs4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

And before anyone says it: most PS3 installs these days are optional or non-existant (see Uncharted and Dead Space for reference).

This is classic he says most and he names 2 games, so that means there is only 3 games for the ps3. Would you like to make a list of non mandatory installs and i will make of list of mandatory installs? And we will see which one is bigger.

And no the ps3 installs are for slow drive speeds has little to do with speeding the game up.

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lloyd_wonder4273d ago

Lol. The PS3 had this feature 2 years ago.

Way to go.

bouncybullet4273d ago

It has that feature because it has to.
How many times have you replayed MGS4...?
yeah, never.

And i'm pretty sure microsoft games have been installing on hard drives for a very long time.

lloyd_wonder4273d ago

How many times have you replayed Halo 3?

ReTarDedFisHy4272d ago

6 times.
1st was to beat it
2nd was to beat it again with my new gear
3rd was to get Big Boss emblem
4th was to collect all Easter Eggs
5th was to get statues and Solar Gun
6th was to get all other emblems
still need a couple more emblems, stuff like Panda (30+ hours) and Chicken (you seriously have to suck hard to get this one) are hard.

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