Which is the better SNES platformer? - Super Mario World vs. Yoshi's Island

"Super Mario World was one of the launch titles for SNES and it showed what the console was capable of. It remains one of my favorite platformers of all time because of the pixel-perfect 2D graphics, its secrets, and how fun and creative the levels are." - Alex Legard from Video Chums

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VideoChums585d ago

Vote for your favourite at the bottom of the article! :D

AnthonyDavis584d ago (Edited 584d ago )

I think it’s disrespectful to even poll this. Super Mario World is just better. Bigger Scope. Yoshi’s island has probably only had like half as many of the levels.

VideoChums584d ago

We put polls on all of our Versus articles so our visitors can have their say as well as the author picking their favourite. Go democracy! :D

ZeekQuattro585d ago

I love both but I give the edge to Yoshi Island. It improved upon everything I liked about SMW 1. These days I'm more inclined to play Yoshi Island over World.

VideoChums584d ago

Indeed but you really can't go wrong with either - both top-notch games! :D

WeAreLegion584d ago

Oh, Yoshi's Island. Definitely.

Einhander1971583d ago

I love both but Yoshi’s island just edges it for me. The level design the transformations and use of the FX 2 chip is simply amazing.

Yi-Long583d ago

I always preferred Super Mario World far more. Yoshi just didn't appeal to me in the same way, visually, and gameplay-wise.

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