Solid Snake SD statue by First 4 Figures available for pre-order now

After their impressive Solid Snake and Psycho Mantis statues, high end collectible manufactures First 4 Figures has just started accepting reservations for their new product in the Metal Gear Solid line: a SD (Super Deformed) Solid Snake.

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Nyxus31d ago

By the way, MGS1 is exactly 20 years old today in Europe! It released on February 22 of 1999.

Persian_Immortal31d ago

Ordered the Solid Snake Essential SD collection, to go with my Solid Snake Resin Essential Edition. Hopefully once they start getting close to shipping of Psycho Mantis we will hear something about Sniper Wolf or Frank Jaeger, Eli or anyone else from the MGS1 line shit a 1/5 or 1/6 scale Vulcan Raven would be epic.

Nyxus31d ago

I think Gray Fox may be next.