Crackdown 3 crash lands to under £30 already

"It's not often you see such a surprisingly large saving on a game that's been out for just six days. Reception has been middling for Crackdown 3, too, which finally saw release last week after years of delays and development troubles"

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RpgSama1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

There you go, a combination of bad reviews and that the game is easily and readily available day one on Game Pass

Muzikguy1916d ago

Yes, another effect that Game Pass will have on the games themselves.

Muzikguy1916d ago


If it were then that just proves my point even further. No developer is going to go full on for years into one game just to have it at half price or even free shortly after release.

AnthonyDavis1915d ago

^ well developers still make games even with discounts and piracy. The problem is they can now make cheap budget gamers and make more money on mobile.

Muzikguy1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

You keep helping my point thank you. Cheap mobile games are not something that I'm looking for or something I'd pay a subscription to play. There have been some that have been good, but with an idea like Game Pass you can look forward to cheap budget games more frequently. Or in this case, a game that gets touted for years as being a huge hit to be a bigger letdown. I just don't see big names on the service helping much more than smaller companies with smaller games

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rainslacker1915d ago

MS needs to be careful. If they keep up with this day one game pass thing, retailers aren't going to carry their games unless MS offers them a substantial buyback incentive where they aren't stuck with merchandise they can't sell.

An occasional bad game is one thing, but a service which directly takes incentive for people to buy a product away from the retailer is quite another.

Potnoodle9991915d ago

Argh what!? It’s still £30!?!? As if it’s not down to £10 yet. Bargain bin inbound

Thatguy-3101916d ago

lol hopefully people were smart enough to not buy this game for 60$

1916d ago
annoyedgamer1916d ago

All they had to do was make a clone of Crackdown 1. But that wasn't enough. Im certain the people running Hollywood and the games industry are on some sort of drug, and it isn't greed otherwise they would have backtracked by now.

Christopher1916d ago

It's better than Crackdown 1, IMHO. The problem is that's the best thing you can say about it because while it's better, it's not that much better and it's really out of date. I had fun for most of it, but it made me appreciate Agents of Mayhem more even though I thought that game was a bit lacking (in comparison, it's more than a generation ahead of CD3 for single player game).

tinchotin1916d ago

I saw comparison videos and crackdown 1 has better physics, and looks more fun.

Christopher1915d ago

***I saw comparison videos and crackdown 1 has better physics, and looks more fun.***

I've actually played both to completion and CD3 has better physics (it's different in how it's handled but not at all worse) and was more fun. But, hey, I'm sure you got the same experience as I did by just watching videos.

badz1491916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

what? but to many gamers this game only worth the $2 for the Gamepass subscription and nothing more. Pricedown 30!

Muzikguy1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I've argued a few times about prices of games and quality of the games on Game Pass along with the future of gaming if it stayed like this but it's like talking to a brick wall. Most think you are being crazy yet here is a perfect example.

Yi-Long1916d ago

Why keep a poorly/mediocre reviewed game at 60 bucks? Gamers these days (well, most of them), aren't stupid: They'll take a quick look at scores online, or check with friends, to see if a game is worth picking up or not.

This seems like a throwback to the original game, and while it's not for everyone, I'm sure some fans of the first game (or perhaps even the 2nd game...) might look at this through nostalgia-tinted glasses and deem it worthy of picking up at 30 bucks. And they'll get the same kind of enjoyment out of it as they did 10 years orso ago.

However, in this day and age, where we have lots of options on how to spend our money on games (I JUST picked up Disgaea 5 Complete for 20 bucks on PS4), games like these have to price competitively in order to appeal and sell.

tontontam01916d ago

I'm pretty sure that if they just upgraded Crackdown's graphics and did'nt change anything it would have gotten better scores.

Kiwi661915d ago

Someone somewhere would still find something to do with the game to complain about