The Best Xbox One Exclusive Games

The Xbox One doesn't have any good exclusive games you say? You're wrong. Check out these brilliant games that aren't playable on any other console.

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RazzerRedux302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

multiple page nonsense

Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Forza Horizon 4
Halo: Master Chief Collection
Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition
Gears of War 4
Forza Motorsport 7
Crackdown 3
State of Decay 2
Sunset Overdrive
Quantum Break

Crackdown 3 but no Gears 5? lol.....ok!

301d ago
Dragonscale300d ago

Exactly. Apart from the fact xbone doesnt have exclusives ms first party has been generally garbage this gen lol.

Bigman4k301d ago

You want a cookie doing that in school are you the teacher's pet

RazzerRedux301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

edit: not worth a response

P_Bomb301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

MCC’s last gen games. I’d maybe swap that out for Sea of Thieves. SoT’s at least current; apparently improved a lot.

No Dead Rising 3?

For console exclusives, Roblox is huge. My kids play it on PC all the time.

Gaming4Life1981301d ago

No gears 5 and no halo 5 gets a wtf from me. Sea of thieves and dead rising 3 should be on their as well. I can also name some smaller games that deserve to be on list as well.

CaptainHenry916300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Crackdown 3 is a joke. State of Decay 2 is garbage. Ori is not even an exclusive anymore. Quantum break was like watching a boring movie. The problem with Gears and Halo is that they're getting stale. Killer instinct had no depth in the gameplay and was just button smashing and made you feel like you were a bad ass. Imo Ori is the best game on this list

Chris12300d ago

Says the Sony fanboy who rags on Xbox every day. Why would anyone listen to you? Your insecurity is strong.

NeoGamer232300d ago

Not sure you have actually played any of those games at length.

Crackdown 3 was really at least as good as the two previous Crackdowns. Yes, it had the cloud promise that did not pan out. But the SP game was really fun again.

State of Decay 2 is a lot like Days Gone... Not great ratings but it has a cult following. Unfortunately, I am not part of either cult after playing both games.

Quantum Break. I have played Control as well and I don't feel there is much difference between the two.

Gears. I think 5 is the best gears since Gears 2. And I don't find it stale at all.

Halo. Halo 5 came out in 2015. That was the last Halo main game. This year we will see Halo Infinite. After 5 years I am hopefully they are renewing the franchise in much the same way Sony renewed God of War.

The stale argument is a lame one really. It is more that the studios after to learn how to reinvent IPs if they are going to keep using them. I could easily argue that any IP with more then 3 games is stale. It is more about how each game leads its genre. Halo and Gears have a lot of competition in the genre whereas God of War and Uncharted really don't have a lot of competition in the genre. Talk about stale.... Why isn't GTA considered stale? Or how about the ultimate long lasting IP Final Fantasy?

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sushimama301d ago

They don't have exclusive games. The only one that's exclusive for the time being is Sunset Overdrive. The rest are multiplats.

RangerWalk267301d ago

It's all in Microsofts ecosystem. You're gonna have to get used to this new fact. Sony is also going to be selling games on PC. Why do you think Sony asked Microsoft to partner with them for the Azure server. The old way of doing things is a way of the past. These corporations want to make more money and scale.

sushimama301d ago

Sony has exclusives. Nintendo has exclusives. Microsoft DOES NOT. I'm fine with what they're doing, just stop calling them exclusive games. Yes, Horizon Zero Dawn will no longer be an exclusive game when it drops on PC. But good luck waiting for anymore to pop over to PC, if any at all. They will be few and far between. Sony know what sells consoles. They're the market leader for a reason.

ElementX301d ago

Actually, Sunset Overdrive is on Steam. Who cares if they are available on PC? More people get to play them and that's more revenue for further game development.

darthv72301d ago

It seems this narrative always pops up when someone is either trying to prove or disprove what an exclusive is. Growing up I was always told that an exclusive game was one not found on another console (not platform). This was all before the PC became such a platform as it is but the original context still stands. All consoles have their exclusives (not found on other consoles) and some of them may be found on PC but (as was always the case prior to 7th gen) those games on PC were never counted for or against the exclusivity of the game when it came to being an exclusive.

Come 7th gen and it seemed like they had to add the word 'console' in front of exclusive but it doesnt change the original definition. A game that is found on one console but not another. And because the PC is not a console, it still cant count for or against said exclusivity. This goal has been moved so many times that it's time we take it back to the original location. PC is the neutral zone (always has been) and a console games exclusivity still remains related to the console only.

This is the final word and as such is beyond contestation.

UltraNova301d ago (Edited 301d ago )


And then came PC client/platform exclusives (Epic, Steam etc etc.) You see the whole "exclusive" thing came back stronger than ever. Hell, we have tv/movie platform exclusives now. What's next, music?

Exclusives make or break an entertainment brand/company these days, no matter how much some people want to dilute their significance.

darthv72301d ago

Nova, the PC as a whole is unaffected by the exclusive argument as it applies to consoles. So you can have your client wars but its all still in the same PC environment.

The original point still stands. There is no more moving of this goal by anyone ever again.

rainslacker300d ago

I think the definition is pretty simple. A game that is only on one platform. There are qualifiers like console exclusive, or timed exclusive, or timed console exclusive, etc., but if one is talking about an actual exclusive, then there is no real confusion.

I'm not one that looks at if it's on pc, then claim there are no exclusives though. I think the PC and console market don't overlap that much, and I doubt people are really just going to play it in oc now, or some other such thing to disparage against a console.

It's just become a console war argument with everyone defining things their own way to win their arguments, but in the end who really cares that much? There are better things worth criticizing if people want to do that.

Gunstar75301d ago

Look up the word exclusive.

It can apply to an individual or a group.

Thus, exclusive to xbox and PC

No need to thank me

Ricegum301d ago

Exclusive has traditionally meant platform exclusive. So the fact you can play the games elsewhere means Microsoft have very few Xbox One exclusives.

ThinkThink301d ago

Alot of things meant something at one point but when the industry landscape changes, many prefer to adapt while others cling to the past. Nothing wrong with Either.

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RazzerRedux300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

"Thus, exclusive to xbox and PC"

But you have to actually say that. You can't just say "Xbox One Exclusive" and leave out PC. If I said these games were "PC exclusive" would Xbox fans be fine with that? lol....nope.

"theres already more than enough vids on utube that objectively destroy ur exclusive argument."

Why don't you make your own arguments instead of referencing something from youtube? And I seriously doubt those videos are "objective". lol....come on.

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Elda301d ago

They're still XBO gaming console exclusives,those games can not be played on any other gaming console but the XBO.

RazzerRedux300d ago

The title should say that. Xbox One console exclusive. Instead, they dedicate an entire paragraph explaining what they mean by "exclusive".

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waverider301d ago

by fair it was sunset overdrive. New Ip that got everything to be a massive hit and a system seller. Really fun game! Lets hope they make another one

sampsonon301d ago

yeah Sony, make another one.

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sampsonon301d ago

I hope Sony makes another SS Overdrive.

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sampsonon301d ago

@Echo_ "For everyone" you act as if sony only makes one kind of game.

darthv72301d ago

We know they dont but you cant help but think (for this gen at least) they were pretty stuck on that close up 3rd person open world walking simulator type. It was quite funny how many games did that coming out of Sony studios.

301d ago
sampsonon301d ago

@Echo_ to each their own. When i bought the ps4 near launch i didn't really know what games they would be making for it. Good thing i bought it. I wouldn't have had the chance to play many games i might not have even thought about playing.

My point was that Sony makes so many different genres of games for so many different kinds of gamers.
I guess that's why they sold over 100 million consoles.


301d ago
sampsonon301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

@Echo_ after all that? lol. why did you buy it? for one game? wait, i know, it was a gift right :)

I am not into every exclusives also. but that doesn't take away from the fact that sony makes a lot of high quality exclusives and AA games. So when someone says "I'm not buying a console for one game" it makes them sound petty. Because they make plenty of everything.

I can't wait for Ghost as well. Last Of Us 2 as too.

It was a good gen to own a ps.

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sampsonon300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

"As a ps4 owner the only exclusives actually worth a shite are bloodborne, gravity rush and persona."

I liked Bloodborne, but Gravity Rush and Persona aren't my cup of tea.
But this just makes my point in general. Sony makes games for everyone,well, except MP gamers.
I was never a souls fan, never really played it, only once. So i didn't think i would like Bloodborne until i tried it free sharing accounts with someone. Good games for sure.

At least if someone buys a playstation they are almost guaranteed to like a few games, and a few more they didn't know they'ed like.

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