Mirror's Edge Demo Gameplay Video

Gameplay video of the PSN version of the Mirror's Edge demo. Available on Xbox on Halloween!

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Silogon4273d ago

Not the best of games... Too shallow for my taste. I think it looks sharp at times. But at others it's a miss step. This is a game that is probably going to fail at retail... I could be wrong, but it's just not so much a game as it is an on the rails tech demo of a very pristine city scape.

pixelsword4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

...but I remember thinking along similar lines when I first played Kill.Switch, because I though since the character looked so much like Snake, that you had to sneak around like snake... then the bullets started coming, and I was blown away, literally and figuratively.

But right now, it could go either way, so maybe I'll try to get it tonight and see what's what.

Mr_Bun4273d ago

I found the problem with the demo was that it took less time to complete it, than it did to download it...also the blonde that helps you out in the tutorial looks awful

solidsnakus4273d ago

you know the part where you fall down the vents and 4 guys start shooting at you? i actually managed to disarm all 4 of them but 'magically' when you disarm them there gun just runs out of bullets. also i disarmed the swat guys at the end and them too, their SMGs had no ammo either. the game is pretty good, ill probably rent it.

Imallvol74273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I am pretty blown away by the demo. The graphics are so stylized. The music is some of the best I have ever heard in a game. It's so smooth and just fun! This wasn't even on my radar about 5 minutes ago!!! Must buy!!!

Not so sure how well it will work with 360 controller having to use a trigger and a bumper to jump and duck . . . Will try it out tomorrow when it hits 360.

pixelsword4273d ago

...I'll download it tonight, I guess.

I hope it's great, because it looks like a very creative game, and since Infamous has a Parkour character as well, maybe some of that mentality will translate to Infamous as well.

solidsnakus4273d ago

hey did anyone notice the WTC is in the game? right when you begin the demo after the totorial look to the right.

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The story is too old to be commented.