Crackdown 3 Review – Fun, Mindless Action, on Par with Previous Entries | GameCloud

Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes: "I don’t hate Crackdown 3, and that’s because I knew exactly what it was I was getting into and wanted that very thing. While the original Crackdown games don’t rate so highly with most, I had a real blast with them for the stupid fun they offered, and Crackdown 3 was the same for me. It certainly helped that it was short because if I had to deal with the game’s many problems for long, I’d be singing a different tune. And those problems that are present could be enough to put off anyone not familiar with the series that wants to try. The design is underdone and the gameplay exceedingly simplistic and unchallenging, with a co-op mode fraught with technical issues and a couple of PvP modes not worth a damn. The good news is that a sequel, or maybe a significant update, is absolutely set up by the ending, which means that Microsoft must be planning on keeping the series around. It absolutely has the potential, and under Microsoft’s new “Initiative” program, I reckon Crackdown could be something really great. Right now, it’s just really alright."

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Automatic79649d ago

In line with what I been saying. Crackdown 3 is pure enjoyment.

isarai648d ago

It is not on par with previous entries, still fun, but not on par. instead of listing all the reasons why, i think this video outlines my issues with it pretty well