Resident Evil 2 Remake - Ada Wong Nude Mod is now available for download

DSOGaming writes: "Well, it was only a matter of hours. After the Claire Redfield nude mod for Resident Evil 2 Remake, we kind of guessed that the next big mod for this remake would be a naked mod for Ada Wong. And it appears that we were right as modder ‘MisterHecks’ has just released a naked mod for Ada Wong."

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Xb1ps431d ago

What's up with all this nude and porn shit lately? Like wtf!

Erolyn31d ago

Whats up with all the social justice warrior shit lately?

Xb1ps431d ago

My guy.... it’s a fucking video game! That shit really turns your weird ass on?!

Orionsangel31d ago

When they bring up SJWs they mean, let me be a perv in peace like the good ol days lol

Dark_Overlord31d ago

No, it means we don't tell them what to do so why dafuq do they think they can constantly keep telling us what we 'have' to do. At that point they can f*** off.

Lon3wolf31d ago

I think you'll find nude and porn shit has been around for a very long time ;)

MasterChief362431d ago

There are paintings and pottery or pornographic imagery dating back thousands of years!

Xb1ps431d ago

Ok... I guess I should have been a bit more clear..

Video game porn is weird as shit, but who am I to stop any of you from getting your selves excited over some rendered tits and ass...

Muzikguy31d ago

Retarded tits and ass? Interesting. I would love to see some AO games on a Sony system. I mean, I've been an adult long enough. Mods would be nice if Sony allowed them. It would probably give into games for.thosr that have moved on already

Traecy31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Exactly!!! Especially when it's a videogame,who in the hell gets turned on by a nude videogame (fake) character?? Seems kind of sick.

TheEnigma31331d ago

losers who can't get real women

Gahl1k31d ago

Oh, you should read WCCFTECH's article about gaming and porn as well. It's weird, but to each their own.

Iceman100x31d ago

haha you got down voted by 12 losers who will never get with real women.

Traecy31d ago

@Iceman....I agree!!! LOL! What losers!

Muzikguy31d ago


I down voted and I'm married with a 2 year old son 🤷🏼‍♂️

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TheEnigma31331d ago

People bored that can't look at real women.

AK9131d ago

I’m gonna guess you’ve never seen a naked women in your life.

TheEnigma31331d ago

Hmmmm I guess my son came out of thin air huh.

SlagWolf31d ago

@Xb1ps4 are you scared of naked women or done thing? Also if this surprises you at all you must know nothing about pc gaming

Xb1ps431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Lmfao! I’m married my guy, I actually get head and pussy when I want real pussy not a damn mod lol...

I just find the shit to be weird for a video game, but hey if you’re into rendered boobs, ass and mr.x in a thong then who am I to stop you...

Muzikguy31d ago

I was wondering that too actually. Dire IRS been around a long time but there have been a lot of articles about games coming out and patches lately. Honestly my bigger question is why do they all have to just be on PC? I hope that next gen we can get mods on PS.

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Lon3wolf31d ago

I know it's almost like a games feels naked without one.

MasterChief362431d ago

Lots of beautiful women in games lately....

Pro_TactX31d ago

Nude mods have existed since the dawn of modding. This isn't anything new.

Aclancy8331d ago

There should be nude mods for all video game characters from every video game ever.

Metalfury31d ago

only for those who wanna mix porn with games.

TheEnigma31331d ago

Ehhh of course this was coming. Smh pathetic.

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