Aether Engine to be powered by Microsoft's cloud computing service, Microsoft Azure

DSOGaming writes: "Hadean announced today that its Aether Engine will be powered by Microsoft Azure, allowing developers to more seamlessly scale their applications at increased speed and ease across the cloud. Hadean’s technology will also be integrated with other parts of Microsoft’s developer suite, including Visual Studio."

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lxeasy28d ago

Not surprised, Azure is one of the leading cloud techs in the market right now.

harmny28d ago

The power of the cloud!! Crackdown 4 incoming

InTheZoneAC28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Crackdown 4:
Initial design - Next gen
Development - Whatever gen ps6 and xbx3x is
Release - When PS9 is finally revealed.

Darkborn28d ago

Graphics - same graphics as crackdown 1

russo12128d ago

OMG another failure growing in MS clouds. Well, this is a joke, right? LOL!!!

WhyHate28d ago

Nice to see the continued effort to improve multiplayer gaming, ( via cloud compute ) it's going to be bad to see the PlayStation trolls flood this this article and thread that has nothing to do with the PS. Sony troll party incoming in, 5 4 3 2...

Zabatsu228d ago

The only ones that will flood this article are when comments like yours appear. Stop being a douche and just enjoy the evolution of gaming. Shithead. Not everything has to be triggered.

WhyHate28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

PS Kids... enjoy your single player experiences, truth be told that's all Sony is capable of producing.

And you know it's true, name one blockbuster Sony title that's focused on multiplayer, I'll answer for you there are none.

And exactly how am I "triggered" you responding to me, your logic is flawed kid.


OneLove28d ago

Nah hes right. There are only sony trolls here.

King_Noctis28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

You should read through this comment section first then you’ll see that WhyHate is right. It is unbearable on any MS’s article comment section right now on this site.

Zabatsu227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@King_Noctis: I agree, however, that doesn't justify acting like a douche as well. Forego with a good example instead of being affected by your environment.

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Rude-ro28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Microsoft literally just trolled their consumers with the cloud.
The trophy game for it just released.
Yet, you worry about what gamers, I mean so y fans have to say about it.
Did you know that the Xbox one x version actually gets downgraded to the base console version if playing on the cloud together? To this day, they say 12x the power yet their strongest console suffers due to this.
So until Microsoft’s stops lying about what they are doing and fans like you defending them, others will have something to say per the facts.
Free speech and all.

BeOpenMinded28d ago

You do know the cloud company was bought by epic far along into development CD3? They had to restart hence the reason for re-creating the wrecking zone.

The success of fortnite literally wrecked their zone :)

Rude-ro28d ago

And? Lying to entice sales with this cloud talk has nothing to do with that nor did they EVER say anyone or anything else was in control of Microsoft’s “cloud” gaming.
That’s the continuing issue with Microsoft. They buy or try to monopolize things to boost their nerds and to this point, EVERYONE has jumped ship, been closed, or said bought technology never lives up to Microsoft’s marketing.
See Kinect, they bought the company, lied about its capabilities, and sold millions before anyone realized.
Trying to defend it is ... sad honestly. Giving them money while they just rip you off with lies and false promises for over 8 years now? Shame

conanlifts28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"PS Kids... enjoy your single player experiences, truth be told that's all Sony is capable of producing. "

I play on xbox the most due to online multiplayer and my community of friends there. But with that said 5 of my top 6 games this gen are all Sony single player games (Uncharted 4, GOW, HZD, Spiderman and Until Dawn). Sony need to keep doing what they are doing and MS need to improve a huge amount going forward. If Azure helps them do this fantastic, but after seeing crackdown 3 i highly doubt it will impact anything for a long time yet.

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Bladesfist28d ago

The logo looks like a wankel rotary engine

InTheZoneAC28d ago

Looks exactly like a rotary engine, so that means this cloud based tech is not so efficient...

Hyperstrada28d ago

Just traded my Z car for a RX-7. Yes the logo looks like a rotary engine.

bloop28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I had my RX-8 for 4 years with 90 thousand miles on the clock when I traded it in and in all that time it was never in a garage for anything other than a service.

Edit: Oops, I misread your comment!! Yes, that's the only problem with rotaries, feeding the bloody things.

bloop28d ago

RX Aether 😂

Man I miss my RX-8. Such a fun car to drive.

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