A Tribute To JRPG Villages That Were Annihilated

The life of an NPC is tough. Perpetually stuck with one or two interesting things to say. Trapped in houses or stores, or making idle chatter around the town’s well. The most excitement that may happen is when the troublesome village kid runs off. But don’t worry, the protagonists will save them. Oh, but what’s this? The villain has set their sights on your humble abode? Uh oh.

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FalconofLucis98851d ago

Cant wait to see Sephy in glorious HD 4K HDR in the FF7R. Hopefully they get his design right.

DarXyde851d ago

I'm expecting something closely resembling his Advent Children look, hair physics and all .

FallenAngel1984851d ago

Every place Zidane visits in FFIX is pretty much doomed

FalconofLucis98851d ago

Lol the top comment of the article was Final Fantasy 6: every village. Damn Kefka.

Tross851d ago

Flammable village, this way.