At Least Someone at PlayStation Still Remembers About Freedom Wars

Do you remember Freedom Wars? A collaboration between Sony Interactive Entertainment's own Japan Studio, God Eater's former team Shift and Dragon Ball Xenoverse developer Dimps, it was released as one of the PS Vita's highest-profile Japanese games in 2014.

Turns out that there is at least someone at Sony who still remembers.

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TheGamez100538d ago

Great game made by very talented teams. A sequel is probably hopeless though...

Godmars290538d ago

Likely would have to be a port first.

BloodyBorne538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice. Damn good titles.

XabiDaChosenOne537d ago

Both need to come to the ps4

Nucler100537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

Soul Sacrifice and Soul Sacrifice Delta were classics to me. The music, the characters, the narration, the gameplay, enemies, lore, customization etc. All felt special and unique. Also loved how they flipped the fairy tales. I had so much fun playing online too man. The FACT that they haven’t made one for the PS4 is literally mind baffling to me. So much wasted potential.

I loved Freedom Wars too. Spent a LOT of time online on that as well.

Lexreborn2537d ago

These are unique games to a device people claimed didn’t have enough uniqueness. Portable games that had great replay value and the device has Features even the switch still doesn’t have. But, people claim it’s not worth the investment due to memory cards.

This is going to be the coming years where gaming journalist actually start talking about the things that made the Vita truly a special device.

Pastemaniak538d ago

I booted it again last week and I had forgotten how fun the game was. I wish they ported it to PS4 or something along with soul sacrifice

Kurisu538d ago

I just checked my download list because I vaguely remember it being a PS+ title. I've got it "purchased", but I've yet to try it. Will have to download it and give it a go at some point.

SegaSaturn669538d ago

I played this game for about 2 hours. Then it froze during a menu. Never touched it again.

DanielEndurance538d ago

Giuseppe Nelva, why are you writing for Twinfinite? Dualshockers to that site is a major downgrade...

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The story is too old to be commented.