At Least Someone at PlayStation Still Remembers About Freedom Wars

Do you remember Freedom Wars? A collaboration between Sony Interactive Entertainment's own Japan Studio, God Eater's former team Shift and Dragon Ball Xenoverse developer Dimps, it was released as one of the PS Vita's highest-profile Japanese games in 2014.

Turns out that there is at least someone at Sony who still remembers.

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TheGamez100888d ago

Great game made by very talented teams. A sequel is probably hopeless though...

Godmars290888d ago

Likely would have to be a port first.

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Pastemaniak888d ago

I booted it again last week and I had forgotten how fun the game was. I wish they ported it to PS4 or something along with soul sacrifice

Kurisu888d ago

I just checked my download list because I vaguely remember it being a PS+ title. I've got it "purchased", but I've yet to try it. Will have to download it and give it a go at some point.

SegaSaturn669888d ago

I played this game for about 2 hours. Then it froze during a menu. Never touched it again.

DanielEndurance888d ago

Giuseppe Nelva, why are you writing for Twinfinite? Dualshockers to that site is a major downgrade...

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The story is too old to be commented.