Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ardyn comes to light on March 26

Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ardyn will release March 26, 2019

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FallenAngel198433d ago

I hope Ardyn gets into Dissidia

Eamon33d ago

This plus Verum Rex leads me to believe that Ardyn wasn't supposed to be the main villain in FFvs13 or even FF15.

My theory is that Ardyn starts off as the primary villain for most the game with his backstory slowly revealed until Noctis and co. find a way to cure him of the Starscourge and then he joins their side. Perhaps an immortal or resurrected Somnus was originally the main villain? After all, the main theme of FFvs13 and FF15 is called Somnus.

We'll never know until Nomura spills the beans.

FalconofLucis9833d ago

thats interesting and makes sense actually

godofiron33d ago

after all, Somnus, the god of sleep, would be a natural enemy of "insomnia" a state (or in this case, city) of sleeplessness.

your theory has merit.

FallenAngel198433d ago

Ardyn actually wasn't even present in the original concept for Versus XIII to begin with. He was later conceptualized in 2010 as right hand man to the main villain to Aldercapt, but over the course of the switch from Versus XIII to XV and its development cycle Ardyn was promoted to the game's main villain.

FTANK33d ago

Why did they kill the servers for this on console? I was nust going to get into it and sawi cant get full completion. Kinda kills the buzz and deters me from getting anything else in it

jaycptza33d ago

What are you talking about? This isn't an online game?

ReVibe33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I can't blame you for not being aware of the Comrades expansion, but yeah. There's Monster Hunter style Deploy-and-hunt mode that you can do solo for the (soggy) questline, or join with three other people to take on more iconic hunts from the main game. You make your own character and stuff, and it provides backstory to Noct's big nap. I personally don't care for it though because most hunts are literally over quicker than it takes to deploy + a seemingly redundant debrief scene where everyone from the hunt eats a feast at a camp. Every hunt goes this way, and it gets boring after the third one. Also, you can take your created character and do a magical vanity swap with Noctis in the main game. It'll sill be him talking, but you'll be controlling whatever guy/girl you created.

Now you know what he was talking about.

ReVibe33d ago

I'm not seeing any news on that, and they just released Comrades as a standalone purchase (for those who don't own XV) at the end of December. You must've caught a maintenance or something, because shutting it down now doesn't make sense lol.

Pastemaniak33d ago

There was some news about it back in December I think. Anyhow, I agree with you that having that lost percentage in the trophy list is annoying. I've heard there is a way to finish it though. I have to look into it.

Gatsu33d ago

Excited to play this ^_^!

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