AFL-CIO Calls on Game Developers to Unionize - IGN

The AFL-CIO, the United States' largest federation of labor unions at 12.5 million members, has put out a call to game developers to unionize.

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Razzer30d ago

Yeah.....good luck with that.

L7CHAPEL30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I've been Union for 29 years.

understand this:
the only rights you'll ever have,
are the ones you're willing to fight for,
The only benefits you'll ever have,
are the ones you insist on.
They have NOTHING without you.


No matter how powerful they are:
can they do what you do?
or are you giving them everything that makes them who they are ?

"Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow"

Valkron130d ago

Understand this:

This isn’t the 1920’s
We don’t send 12 year olds into mine shafts to pick coal anymore
We’ve done away with the 85 hour work week
Exploding no longer counts as early retirement
Whips are mostly frowned upon in the workplace these days
Black lung is no longer simply referred to as “culturally insensitive”
Non-union factories still have to follow OSHA regulations
Prostitution has unionized so their workers can be f’d like everyone else
Unions continue to use violence and intimidation due to fear of losing their dominance
Woman are allowed by law to menstruate freely in the workplace
The Sabbath Day is no longer only once a month
Orientals are rugs, Asians are people
Union bosses still feel entitled to part of your hard earned paycheck for rights earned over a century ago
True Pro-Choice is Right-to-Work, and no babies have to die
Unions are ran by the mafia

Unions are there if you want to join, the 2nd Amendment is there if you don’t 😁👍❤️🇺& #127480;

JG1030d ago

Understand this, without unions it WOULD go back to 1920s. If you don't believe that just think about how greedy major companies and Corporations are. All the benefits you enjoy now at work are there because of unions. Weekends off? Wouldn't have those without unions. Minimum wage? Thank unions for that. OHSA regulations? Thank unions. Break times? Unions. The list goes on and on. You have the right to choose not to work for a union, that's fine. To say that they're not necessary and to not respect them is pretty naive

Razzer29d ago

Detroit Gave Unions Keys To The City, And Now Nothing Is Left

L7CHAPEL29d ago

Tell that to somebody that works at Starbucks or Walmart...
Or Amazon or Target a list is so long it's ridiculous...

Razzer28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"Tell that to somebody that works at Starbucks or Walmart...
Or Amazon or Target a list is so long it's ridiculous..."

lol.....brilliant. Imagine if companies like these didn't pay more for people who work harder and make themselves more valuable rather than depending on a union to do it for them. Yeah there is another side to that coin. We would have no games at all. Why bother learn to make games or obtain skills when a union will insure every one is treated and paid exactly the same. Sounds like hyperbole? is yapping bullshit that unions are the only things keeping the labor industry from reverting back to 1920.

Personally, I'm proud to say I've never HAD to depend on a union to do my work for me. What I earn is TRULY from the sweat of MY brow.

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Razzer29d ago

Let's keep this in perspective. This is about game devs. These are highly qualified people that are already paid very well. There is no need for a union in the game industry. If a job sucks do what the rest of us in the world do....find another job. If you don't like the long hours that games require take those skills to a different industry. It is that simple.

L7CHAPEL29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

If you can say that shit you don't have a proper perspective ask middle level management of any corporation about the 80 hour work week and what happened in Detroit is because of the corruption of City officials and politicians in Detroit, and not because of unions.
municipal Union's certainly with their benefits and should have gotten out of hand a lot of that has changed I don't I work for a municipal Union, my rights are covered by a privatized industry Union, everything is going to have horror stories, but the biggest horror stories is the way people treated as workers that that aren't even being paid anywhere near a livable wage, when you live in a place that has very few options and there in Septembershit out there for you and no one believes they have to pay you a livable wage with any benefits whatsoever even Amazon

Razzer28d ago

lol.....fool yourself all you want. Detroit went to hell because of entitled bullshit like what you are yapping. Again, we are not talking about raising the minimum wage so some dude can double the amount of money he makes flipping a burger. These are highly technical people in a highly technical field. They have an incredible number of options to make a living. So yeah.....spare the nonsense you are spouting. This has nothing to do with your personal drama.

Killa7830d ago

"Free market till you make a bargaining position on equal power" - populists

Razzer28d ago

No, investment creates all wealth. Labor is an investment just like anything else.