Activision wrongly pinned its future on Destiny, and now it's in trouble

The Activision and Bungie relationship has been severed, before Activision Blizzard announced it would be staging extensive layoffs. Here's how the Activision Destiny experiment failed, and what the future looks like for the publisher.

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Dragonborn1234534d ago

They were to greedy thats why!

fr0sty34d ago

"Activision wrongly pinned its future on microtransactions." - Fixed

bigmalky34d ago

Should have been making good games, and not focusing on customer erosive services and mobile games.

OCEANGROWNKUSH33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Simple concept you would think? Make a good game FIRST... Then the players will want to spend money on skins and consumables. You cant make a $60 game with an additional $30-60 in yearly downloadable content and THEN try and slap on micro transactions that only work when the game is FREE.

If im paying full price for a game, AND paying extra for DLC you cannot charge on top of that just to access the content i thought i already paid for... twice. Just doesnt work, never will work. You reap what you sow and i for one as a HUGE Destiny fanboy (I literally have a section of my glass display dedicated to Destiny) who was completely turned off by the lack of content and pure greed am glad Activision is in a bad spot because of this. It is the ONLY way these greedy corporations will ever learn, and i am proud of my fellow gamers for finally voting with their wallets and allowing these kinds of practices to fail.

omegaheat34d ago

I feel pity for the employees but not the publisher. I don't however condone in hoping that the company fails. If they fail, it's employees can't feed their families, and if families can't eat it creates an economical climate change. A job loss affects everyone in some form or another because it produces a snowball effect. I think this will humble Activision to reinvent their company policies and employee relationships.

KillZallthebeast34d ago

Well they recently got blizzard to fire 800 people so at this point I don't think anyone likes activision.

PapaBop34d ago

Not even the half of it.. one angry employee who got laid off wrote/typed a pretty damning letter. Apparently they laid off a lot of staff at Blizzard in 2012 then re-employed most of them as temps on lower wages and less benefits. Activision are just scum to core.

TheSaint34d ago

They chose to work for a publisher like Activision.

Baza34d ago

Apparently they didn’t sell enough loot boxes. Gotta pay for those big exec salaries somehow

RememberThe35734d ago

Big business is a fkn pyramid scheme.

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The story is too old to be commented.