Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch Screenshots Show Minor Downgrade

Nintendo held a brand new Nintendo Direct on February 14 during which they also showed new footage for Dragon Quest XI S and confirmed launch in the Western market this year. Along with the footage, some screenshots were also shared by Nintendo.

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TheEspiownage32d ago

The Direct was on the 13th...

TheEspiownage32d ago

That’s true, but the subject matter is for Western markets, so the 13th seemed more appropriate, but to each their own.

shinoff218332d ago

I prefer ps4 and have this on ps4 and it looks amazing. The switch version shouldnt be downplayed it still looks fantastic.

Gemmol31d ago

I prefer switch version once I heard more content i decided to wait I’m not the type to double dip

DJK1NG_Gaming32d ago

Just lower environment textures, shadows and lightning. Not much of a difference outside that visually.