Ubisoft Planning to Release 3 to 4 AAA Games Between April 2019 and March 2020

Pure PlayStation: Ubisoft confirmed that it plans to release three to four AAA games in the next fiscal year. The next fiscal year means anywhere between April 2019 and March 2020.

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Hardiman35d ago

I need more Sam Fisher in my life. Please Ubisoft bring back Splinter Cell! Complete with Ironside as Fisher and Lambert being among thd living. The tech nowadays could deliver some great stealth gameplay so I'm sittin on go!

starchild34d ago

I definitely agree with that. Blacklist was awesome imo but it has been a while since it came out. I would love to play another Splinter Cell game.

I also hope the next Assassin's Creed game takes place in Feudal Japan. I've been wanting that for a long time. And I know we're getting Sekiro, Nioh 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, but they're all different enough from each other and I love the setting. So I would still like to see an Assassin's Creed game in that setting.

FallenAngel198434d ago

Please release another Rayman or another game on the UbiArt Framework engine

AK9134d ago

Just give me a new AAA Splinter Cell game.

Dragonborn1234534d ago

Skull and bones Summer - Watch Dogs 3 Fall - Splinter Cell Spring 2020 -

Dragonborn1234534d ago

Beyond good and evil 2 maybe if it doesnt get delayed.

winter_hill34d ago

Delayed? I hope it gets cancelled. Multiplayer focused forced-online BS. F*** that!

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The story is too old to be commented.