GamingHeaven: Resistance 2 Review

GamingHeaven writes: "Resistance 2 is a total success and apart from some minor technical issues with clipping Insomniac have pushed the Playstation 3 further than any game to date. The single player experience is wonderfully immersive and it is matched by fully fledged and multiplayer modes which are massively replayable. If you add in trophy support as well as a plethora of unlockables and community support then you begin to see how well rounded the full experience is. The one word to sum up Resistance 2, is certainly "epic", just make sure you don't miss it."

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FBl5329d ago

Don't cry Xbox 360 owners,maybe if you shut your eyes and click your hooves together you'll get a AAA game

thor5329d ago

It truly is AAA.

I had my doubts at first, but then I hadn't played it like these guys have.
It looks like Resistance 2 will score higher than Gears of War 2.
It looks like Fable 2 has been MATCHED by a sleeper hit, that no one was even listing in their PS3 lineup, Valkyria Chronicles.

Those are the 360's biggest games this year. Have they had anything to counter:
Wipeout HD
Motorstorm: PR
PixelJunk Monsters
PixelJunk Eden
Warhawk - Operation: Fallen Star
WKC (will release in December of this year in Japan)

Rick Astley5329d ago

Suck it up bots. Another AAA game on PS3.

Lanoire5329d ago

Valkyrie Chronicles
WipeOut HD
Resistance 2
Eternal Sonata
Dead space
Fallout 3
Mirrors Edge
COD World at war

Everything you like, PS3 has got it. They have all games in every genre. From RPG to fighting to shooting. You want it, they have it. UNSTOPPABLE LINE UP!!!!

Best line up ever. 3rd60 has nothing but GeOW 1.1 left. Its a little bigger, a little better and a little more badass than the original. How pathetic.

HighDefinition5329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

IGNs score wasn`t outrageous as some made it out to be. R2 looks to be something special. PS3 has a INSANE line-up for Xmas, thing could get interesting, quickly.

La Chance5329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

I agree great score.I was expecting less.

Anyway what "INSANE" line up are you talking about ?

I see LBP and Res 2.

What else ?

Panthers5329d ago

You were expecting less? Hmmmm.

R2 is amazing.

name5329d ago

Valkyria Chronciles? Motorstorm 2? Socom?

Panthers5329d ago

not to mention all the mutliplatform games. FO3, FC2, POP, Mirrors Edge, ect. Tons of games to own.

Darkseider5329d ago

First Party:

LBP, R2, Motorstorm 2, Warhawk, GT5:P, SOCOM (yes I said SOCOM)

Third Party:

Bio Shock, Fallout 3, WKC, Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Sonata

Then there is the Platinum Hits that are being offered for $29.99 for those new to the PS3 and haven't played them. All in all a very strong holiday lineup.

La Chance5329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

Ok , I see.

That sure is "INSANE" !!!

You guys are exaggerating.Its good but not "INSANE" !!!

@darkseider : I thought only 360 gamers brag about multiplats ! Whats Fallout 3 , Bioshock , E Sonata doing in your list? Moreover GT5p and Warhawk are already out.

So this Xmas you got LBP , RES2 , MStorm 2 , Socom (you serious ?) and V chronicles.

"INSANE" indeed !!!

SuperM5329d ago

Socom is still a great game even though it had some technical issues. When all that is sorted out and people are playing the game noone is going to care that some sites gave it low score because of problems that doesnt exist anymore. After all its how fun the game is that matters

BlackTar1875329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

Whats wrong with socom?
Say server issues do it. They have been fixed or about 90% of it has so whats wrong with socom. Read a review they all say game is great except the server issues so now there pretty much fixed what do you ahve to say now?


Dont hate please reply. i would love to hear the server problem is why you throw around your hate. Becasue its fixed now so please explain to what else now. Or why 100k people are all playing a gmae that you have to serious about. 100k onlne at one time there are well mre then that who bought it also. I played socom 2 alot and I have over 100 people I played with they all like it and to me and every socom 2 fan(that I know ) its a gem. Spread your hate somewhere else.

Imallvol75329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

stop trying to incite a riot in here . . .

when you look at the PS3 line up this Christmas . . . YES, it IS spectacular. All of the multiplats + exclusives = amazing.

R2, Little Big Planet, Valkyrie Chronicles, Socom, Motorstorm 2 are all exclusive big hits and getting great scores (Socom isn't, but its online will be worked out in a few days. The game really is awesome). In addition, PS3 just picked up Bioshock!

Yes, the PS3's lineup all together is spectacular. In addition, PS3 has four of the top five contenders for game of the year on its system (MGS4, LBP, GTA4, and Fallout 3)(if you were wondering, Gears of War 2 is the 5th game of the year contender . . . I have played 8 hours of the campaign and it is AWESOME) . To act like the PS3 isn't bringing its A game is a complete fanboy fabrication.

I am sorry for the rant . . . but I get so tired of this PS3 does everything wrong and nothing right SH*T that everyone likes to convey.

Enjoy your games . . . both PS3 and 360 are great. Get back to playing them.

Darkseider5329d ago

@La Chance

I include the multiplats because they are new to the PS3 and offer something to a current or future owner of one. As for SOCOM yes I said SOCOM. I have been playing it since day two of release and have had only one problem where it locked up on me. Other than that it has been rock solid and stable. Yesterday Patch 1.20 was released and even though I haven't noticed any difference in performance I haven't heard or seen anything bad either. It is a very solid game and just because of a few bad days on the backend servers it was dismissed which in all honesty does that game an injustice.

BlackTar1875329d ago

Great post. Its sad that a game that has good code (or no code issues) for the most part can be swept away by the crazy's becasue of a issue thats 100% fixable. its just sad that people are more and more relying on other reviewers to give there opnion to them. be like me play every game every system and be happy. Just so you know I make my own living and buy my own stuff nothing momy daddy about my collection

Lanoire5329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

The amount of triple As and highquality games are insane.

Valkyrie Chronicles (this is sleeper hit of the year - this, or Dead Space. No doubt. I have a hunch some biased websites will award the title to Dead Space just because its multi platform and Valkyrie is PS3 exclusive. See, they dont want to recognize the truth and dont want to admit that PS3 line up is sick and where its at, see).

WipeOut HD
Resistance 2 (best shooter of the year)
Motorstorm 2
SOCOM (sick sick game, trust me. The best 10 bucks you will ever spend, after WipeOut HD).

Hold on there, ladies and gentlemen. The Xmas exclusive line up aint over here.
Still to come, the next triple A (I guarantee this), ultra slick and ultra fun FAT PRINCESS (make sure you buy this gem, its dirt cheap but ultra fun) AND OF COURSE THE BEST FIGHTING GAME OF THE YEAR NARUTO!!!! Yes, Naruto is looking like a sleeper hit as well.

And then the multi platform games!
Eternal Sonata
CoD World at war
Fallout 3
Mirrors edge
Dead Space

Holy smoly, biatches. Thats not even including the most epic game of all times, MGS4.

IT AINT OVER AFTER THE YEAR PEOPLE. Sony basically gives us December and January to finish as much as we can because things are going crazy in February again people with the release of

KILLZONE 2 (KZ2 has no competition. None. Nothing at all).
FF13 demo

And after that? Well Sony gives us some more time to finish as much as we can again, because things are going crazy again in the summer and autumn.

Gran Turismo
and more.

This ladies and gentlemen, is the best line up ever seen. This line up is so sick and insane, it has no competition. NONE at all.

La Chance5329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

lol , relax.Just have a look at the reviews , speaks for itself.But since you so angry I guess you must be a Socom fan.Thats great for you.

@all the others : well I asked you guys to tell whats so "INSANE" about the PS3 lineup for Xmas.Well theres nothing "INSANE" about it.

Not hating just asking in complete honesty what on planet earth is so AWESOME about the PS3 lineup ?!

@blacktar : oh ! stop lying to yourself Socom got bad scores because of the overall quality.

BlackTar1875329d ago

I am realexed and you avoid the question and also cosigned to the people cant think for themselves line i thru in there thats great. Look at the review you obv. did not more then the Magical number associated with them they all state great game messed up servers. Answer that for me. if the servers are fixed will you then agree that its a great game because your willign to put all your chips in based on reviews so im assuming that you then agree thats its a awesome game now that the servers are working.

kazan5329d ago

dude why are you so serious?! its funny to see this one word "INSANE" is driving you insane :D the guy said it out of joy no big deal .. you make me rofl ..
La Chance repeat after me.."THE PS3 IS INSANE" feel better? ;)

Maxned5329d ago

1up (which is way more credible) gave it a B+

La Chance5329d ago

"THE PS3 IS INSANE" haaaa !!!! its driving me crazy !!!!!!!

kazan5329d ago

"haaaa !!!! its driving me crazy !!!!!!!" i know it is man ..looks like it anyway u dont need to say it ..thats why we like to play with you :) keep it up

BlackTar1875329d ago

Show me where these reviews are that state the overall quality of the game is bad. Please I havent read them all so you could be right but I have read about 15 or so and they all state what i said above. Dont dodge the question with a 1/2 sentence response stating what im challeging you to prove.

What is it? where are they? and i can guarntee you never even read one of them. Look on this site for instance every single review posted on this site was brought down for server issues. so I suggest you look elsewhere for that.

Im also not stating this game deserved a 10 not even a 9 Im a huge socom fan as you can tell and I give it a 8.5 but i also didnt give socom 2 a 10 or a 9 either but it was my favorite and still is MP game. See im being fair why cant you. Hell if i gave it a 8 and so did evryone else 8=good and Im happy with good. not everything can be hype fake like 10's GTA.

doomx565329d ago

You forgot MAG coming out sometime next year

ablecain5329d ago

@ La Chance: Why do you sound so down and bitter? It's pathetic. I for one am thrilled about all of these new and upcoming games for the PS3... Don't need you hear to pointlessly try to bring everyone down.

SL1M DADDY5329d ago

It's plain and simple...

This game should score better than the first Resistance as it is bigger, prettier graphics, and has tons more options in way of online play. If it scores less, then you have a pretty sad review on your hands and should take up another career. - 1up, I'm looking at you.

jtucker785329d ago

Maxned: "1up (which is way more credible) gave it a B+"

...the same company that gave Wii Music A-

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....
<wipes tears from eyes> Good one.

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Nineball21125329d ago

No matter what game gets GOTY, there are going to be other deserving games that miss out.

Resistance 2 is going to be a blockbuster and I can't wait until next week!

nbsmatambo5329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

srry to say this but i dont think R2 isnt gonna be GOTY...

LBP is =p

Nineball21125328d ago

You're probably right... but I only said R2 had GOTY potential. Like I said before, there are going to be some deserving games not getting the designation.

thor5329d ago (Edited 5329d ago )

Riddle me thither, riddle me thence, what did "GamingHeaven" say about Resist-ence? ;)

"One of the best games on the Playstation 3, miss this at your peril."

Damn straight.

thor5329d ago

Riddle me "whither?", riddle me "whence?", where should I buy from if I'm on the fence?

Rent it first then buy after the rental period if you like it - find somewhere that will do this and take the rental cost off.

DeforMAKulizer5329d ago

OMG a 97?!
WOW!!! Yay! Can't wait! 5 days!

jammy_705329d ago

but if u didnt no its coming out on the 28th lol
still a bloody cracking score :)

DeforMAKulizer5329d ago

True! But i preordered mine from Amazon hehe... CE!
Thats what wonderful with region free games! =D