CAPCOM VS | The Fighting Game We Need

CAPCOM VS is the crossover game we need! Why has CAPCOM not created this yet?! This needs to be a thing!

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FallenAngel198437d ago

Capcom has so many intercrossovers amongst just its own properties. Why would they make add a fighting franchise to that? More interesting to see what else Capcom can crossover with when doing a Vs title

SuperSonic9137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Power Stone 3
Rival Schools 3
Techromancer 3
Cannon Spike 3
Megaman Legends 3

With Sony co- funding all development.

DarkSniper36d ago

Capcom vs Sega would be a fighting game that would print money. Years, years and YEARS of IP's begging to be used in a fighting game would be great.

Personally it would also be nice if they did a Megaman X fighting game. Magma Dragoon would be fun to play as.


3-4-536d ago

* Marvel vs Capcom 4.
* 2D Sprite Animations and art style
* 80+ Characters
* Less crazy style....more like SF Alpha 3 but slightly more combos.