Kingdom Hearts Xion is Just the Worst Character in the Series

Of all the pointless characters in the series, Kingdom Hearts' Xion is the absolute worst of them all, and she should not have been brought back in Kingdom Hearts III. Here's why.

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PhoenixUp949d ago

Master Eraqus would beg to differ

AK91947d ago

Might be a controversial opinion but I've always thought Sora after KH1 was a very naive and one dimensional protagonist.

rainslacker946d ago

Dunno about the other games, as he was pretty typical of the first game, but in KH3 he seems like a complete idiot, whose only purpose is to act like a buffoon and provide comic relief. I think overall, they've lessened his overall relevance to the plot.

AK91946d ago

He’s been getting progressively worse with each release.