PlayStation Exec: 'Never Underestimate Nintendo' - DICE 2019

During his DICE 2019 keynote speech, SIE Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden discussed how both Nintendo and Microsoft are working to improve the industry in various ways.

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Jin_Sakai41d ago

I never underestimate Sony or Nintendo.

Fluttershy7741d ago

I never underestimate Xbox either, I just don't like their products this last... decade.
The Original and the first few years of the 360 were gold

gunnerboy841d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Both had some amazing exclusives such as KOTOR and Alan Wake, plus on 360 Mass Effect was an early exclusive for a few years. It does feel that they became complacent in the years since

Ahytys41d ago

I agree. Hopefully, they're getting back on their feet. Competition is good for everyone.

tinchotin41d ago

I always underestimate Xbox and they keep on dissaponting me anyway

SuperSonic9141d ago

Goodmess Gracious! Somebody understands what I have been saying.
*sigh of relief

Like Manny Pacquiao said - "A true champion never underestimates the opponent. You might get hit with a lucky punch!"

"Never underestimate the power of the darkside." -Yoda

Stay Vigilant true beleivers!

Potnoodle99941d ago

True, those were the days, when I had to buy all the systems, my wallet was empty....but there was more fun to be had!
So in a way I prefer it this way, as if Microsoft come out killing it again like the early 360 days next gen, I may have to go hungry again!😂
In all seriousness that would be awesome though, just feel like they have completely lost it this gen and need to be called out for it. Props to them if they turn it around. I just don’t understand those who feel they are still killing it.....yes they still have a console and yes they still release games...but why settle for such mediocrity?

3-4-540d ago


I've owned every Xbox, but the XB1 has been my least played by far.....Just not a ton of games that appeal, but that goes for PS4 and 3rd party as well.

This gen overall has been more talk than walk.....A lot of people pretending games are better than they are just so we have a game to call great this gen.

We've all been kind of fooling ourselves and I'm sure if most of us admitted it, we could come to an agreement that this hasn't been the strongest gen in terms of actual legit classic fun games that will be remembered 20-30 years from now.

This gen = a lot of meritocracy that masquerades as excellence......Regardless of company.

We should expect more from all companies.....They all made some iffy decisions.

That being said.....I just appreciate the good games I do get to play regardless of console.

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rainslacker40d ago

Me either. I have no expectations of MS, so I can't possibly underestimate them.

crazyCoconuts41d ago

Very gracious in his comments about the competition. Nice to see respectful dialog.

DaCajun41d ago

Too bad the blind rabid fanboys on this site aren't more like Shawn Layden.

King_Noctis40d ago

You’re right. Shawn is seemingly a good guy. He respects the competition and have nothing but good things to say about them.

I wish some of the fanboys on this site would follow suit.

PhoenixUp41d ago

Every competitor has something to bring to the industry

ButtAnihilator41d ago

No one tells me what to do! I'm gonna underestimate everybody in the world and there's nothing you can do about it!

DJK1NG_Gaming41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

The Game Awards has really brought the industry closer together.
Geoff bringing the big three execs on stage was a good thing

Nintendo is the reason gaming even got this far in the first place.
....Only if same level of sportsmanship was shared by gamers

All three do great things.

DaFeelz41d ago

Nice comment. Thumbs up 👍🏾 and your comment about Nintendo, absolutely true. Glad to see some people still remember that.

DemoIishor41d ago

Absolutely. Nintendo brought video games back from the brink, the single lowest and darkest period in gaming history. Nintendo is to video games as the Renaissance is to the Dark Ages.

Gamingsince198141d ago

That is only true for the NA market

BehindTheRows41d ago

"All three do great things"

"Only if same level of sportsmanship was shared by gamers "

Remember this in the future. Your comments haven't always been so bipartisan.

OT: PlayStation giving credit where due..... again. Without Nintendo, and PlayStation, gaming would not be where it is today. They paved the way for competitors like Xbox and continue to be industry leaders to this day!

DJK1NG_Gaming41d ago

Do I trash talk Sony and their games no?
I only go off the stupid statements and comments.

I hold nothing against anyone.

BehindTheRows41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You don't have to trash Sony's games to reach my point. You haven't always been so easy to deal with and this is a welcome change from you.

I'd just like to see more of this from you if you seek it from others. Don't speak as if other gamers are an issue if you, yourself, can be part of the problem. That's all.

DJK1NG_Gaming41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

See this is what I am talking about it.
Yall continue nag me over this stuff over and over again.
Like if yall don't like me.
Block me.
SIMPLE or put me on ignore.

I can have a discussion with Nintendo, Xbox and PC gamers but you PlayStation gamers always holding a grudge.

BehindTheRows41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

"You PlayStation gamers"

Funnily enough, that actually goes back to the hypocrisy that I am talking about (also funny considering I game on PC and couldn't care less about allegiances).

Regardless, if your message is that gamers should be more open to each others' differences, keep that as your platform. But, when you say stuff like the nonsense above, it makes your point null, because you do not truly believe it.

Just remember that this is an open forum, where people are free to post their thoughts/views. Quoting you and challenging what you say may sometimes accompany that. Don't get mad about it. Debate the points and hopefully a good conversation can be born from it. :)

DJK1NG_Gaming41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I cant share no sportsmanship because of the way you guys act. Not my fault. I remain civil.
Yall continue to nag me over anything no matter what article I am on.

I can never have discussion because it always lead to this because all yall want to do bring up nothing related to the topic.

MoonConquistador40d ago

Well said BehindTheRows

In summary DJK1NG he's saying practice what you were preaching above. Even after his revelation above that he's actually a PC gamer, you're somehow still trying to blame PlayStation users for your behaviour. That just doesn't make sense.

Cmv3841d ago

I have to disagree with we are where we are because of Nintendo. But without Nintendo there would be no industry if they didn't save us in 85. But after that.....

Point is, without Nintendo, and then sony, this gaming hobby would be awful.

rainslacker40d ago

I give all credit to Nintendo for what they managed to do, but realistically, if they didn't do what they did, then someone else would have. There was a market, and the NES wasn't the only console at the time, but they did exactly what they needed to in order to instill faith in the console market.

Gamingsince198141d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Nintendo didn't help anything in a lot of countries except the US. The UK was dominated by micro computers such as Commodore 64 , spectrum, Amiga and Amstrad, the NES and SNES didn't sell that well in UK, Europe and Australia/NZ.

Nintendo may have saved gaming in the US but not everywhere else where the games crash didn't even happen, while the US games market was dying , the games market else where was doing just fine because of the micro computers.

When consoles did take over in those countries it was the Sega mega drive (genesis) that did it.

darthv7240d ago

you watched top hat gaming man on youtube and his "nintendo didnt save gaming" vid... didn't you?

Gamingsince198140d ago


I don't know who that is, so no. I was in the UK at the time I know what gaming was like. Also spent time in Australia and Europe at that time too.

BehindTheRows41d ago

Actually, I simply responded to your words (if they were off topic, that isn't on me). I'm just saying that, while I agree with the notion that gamers should try to be as bipartisan as possible, that needs to happen from the messenger as well.

Not a big deal.

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