Resident Evil 6 & 7 Retrospective

"Resident Evil 7 harkens back to the series’ roots as the evil is indeed residential. Stripped out are the dozens of zombies, clones, martial arts cutscenes all wrapped in a cacophony of explosions." Writes Aaron Mullan

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naruga41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

RE 6 was miles better game than RE 7 with a lot elements that reminded us Resident Evil ...though none of them was real Resident evil but at least RE6 was hell of a fun ....with Re 7 being the worst RE to date (i ranked it even lower than the FPS RE Survivor)

Neonridr41d ago

totally disagree. For me Resident Evil games are about fear. The original RE games were so successful because they made you feel tense and afraid. RE7 finally gave me those feelings back after being absent for quite some time. Sure, being a first person game definitely gave it a different feel, but I personally think they succeeded immensely with that. Again, only my opinion.

plmkoh41d ago

Ignore him, he is a zealot. It's the type of gamer that is simply poison.

pietro121241d ago

No, it wasn't. RE7 contained gameplay elements that resemble older RE titles than RE6.

gangsta_red41d ago

RE 6 better, going to have to extremely and strongly disagree with that. RE 6 by far is the absolute weakest in the whole series.

RE 7 was an absolute blast to play, it definitely was brought back to something similar to old school Resident Evil and not some CoD army shooter that 6 was.

41d ago
CrimsonWing6934d ago

Look I enjoyed RE6 for the game it was but RE7 brought back the actual survival horror, obtuse puzzle solving, back tracking gameplay that RE was known for. RE7 was actually the most RE like game we got in a long time. I personally liked it better than 6 but I have no idea where you’re getting your info on RE7 being worse than Survivor... like have you played Survivor?

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PhoenixUp41d ago

I thought that RE6 was a joke of a game when it got released but I played through it with my friend and actually ended up enjoying it, especially far more than RE5

Magnus41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

RE6 has been thrown under the bus for a while and ran over by a train the game was crap there are people out there who like it and a majority that hate it. The only thing I liked about RE 6 was being able to play with a friend cruise through the game at high speed to get it done and over with. RE7 saved the franchise and RE2 remake made the franchise stronger I actually enjoyed both RE7 and the remake of RE2 the RE engine used on RE7 looks really great and I hope RE3 gets the same treatment.

jbrock1141d ago

To me it's this simple, one of the most basic key elements to a game are characters. For people that that actually like RE7, I'm interested to hear which game in the series you think has the weakest characters? I can tell you for a fact it's RE7 and it's not even close.

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