Nintendo Switch Now Has Over 1,800 Games

The Nintendo Switch is not even two years old, and yet it already has over 1,800 available games; 1,868 to be exact. And the list is still growing.

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Oathbreaker6d ago

What I find most impressive is that, their key titles are doing up to 10 million sales and they don't even have a super large install base yet. In less than 2 years. Crazy.

Neonridr6d ago

Exactly. Spiderman was heralded on this site for doing 9 million in sales with an install base of over 90 million when Smash did 12 million with an install base of like 35 million. Plus these are legacy titles that will continue to sell. Everyone who buys a Switch whether it was day one or 2 years later will get Zelda, Odyssey, Smash, etc.

Granted plenty of these 1800+ titles are ports or re-releases, but that's still a crazy number and shows just how much support the system is getting.

Oathbreaker6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

That just tells me that they have the biggest and most appealing first-party IPs on the planet compared to their closest competitors. Those figures are insane.

Nyxus6d ago

@ Neonridr: 9 million is still a very good number for Spider-Man. Just because it didn't sell as much as Super Smash doesn't mean it's not impressive. Also, don't forget the hyphen between Spider and Man.

Gemmol6d ago


Nintendo report was up to December 31 it sold 12 million from December 7 to December 31 and switch sold 30 million consoles up to December 31

Father__Merrin6d ago

It's like that with every Nintendo console it's what most Nintendo purchasers will but. The new smash, new Mario kart, new Mario, zelda etc etc I don't see how this is all miraculous all of a sudden

PoSTedUP6d ago

@father. I know, it has always been this way. Nintendo has always had a great attachment rate with its flagship titles. Nothing new. Still great news though and I expected nothing less considering the switch has sold really well.

Zeldafan646d ago (Edited 6d ago )

4 titles will be over 15 million by the end of this year and 1 will be over 20 million. By the end of the Switch's life it will have 3 titles over 20 million and 1 over 30 million.

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EddieNX 6d ago

The Switch is dominating the exclusives and indie markets.

locomorales6d ago

How many of these 1800 are new games? I see just a lot of late releases and re-releases.

I want someone to count "day one" games on Switch thar aren't indies.

execution176d ago

How many are new games and how many are mobile ports?

EddieNX 6d ago

Mmhhmmm and Indie games on Switch are selling ten times better than XB and PS and even PC their supposed home. Also, Nintendo exclusives are destroying Sony and Microsoft in sales so my original comment was entirely true .

Do keep downvoting me though by all means.

RosweeSon6d ago

No more ports or remasters than Sony who ported majority of the PS3 back catalogue but that’s fine yeah 🤔🙄

6d ago
Kribwalker6d ago

@Eddie and 49
totally true.

The switch is an exclusives dream. Nintendo has always known what they are doing when it comes to exclusives, which is why they have consistently had the best exclusive games around. Add in all of the support of 3rd party’s and indies (there was an article just a couple weeks ago that said the Majority of devs are most supportive of the Switch over any other console now) and Nintendo is gonna have one of the best libraries around. Keep growing that support Nintendo

Christopher6d ago

***Sony who ported majority of the PS3 back catalogue ***

LOL Wut? Do you know what majority means? This isn't even close to true.

Nintentional6d ago

Would you want the same done for Sony if they had the same level of success? Fanboy logic 🤦🏻‍♂️

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SuperSonic916d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You call that domination?

PS2 had 10,800 + titles playable on it and sold more than 1.50 billion copies of them!

What Switch has is not even remotely close to how PS2 dominated the industry with 157 million consoles sold.

You might wanna raise your standards a bit way more higher.
Even the Wii or DS don't come close.

Mungamingzone6d ago

Man you're obviously hating on the switch , why dont count how many exclusives did the ps4 got in it first two years 😂😂😂 comparing the switch to the ps2 made Me LMAO !

SuperSonic916d ago

Not really? How can you hate a piece of plastic? That's crazy. Maybe you but not me.

The mentality of Nintendo fanatics amuses me so I play along.
Their behaviour is very mind numbing unbelievable yet interesting and worth studying for future events.

The dumbing down of society is a very serious subject.
One thing for sure...its gon b hard to implement a cure.

Mungamingzone6d ago

You still didn't answer my question , using those big words to sugar-coat your hate is smart i applaud you for that 👏

King_Noctis6d ago

Keyword “2 years on the market”.

Learn to read next time.

Sirk7x6d ago

The PS2 was a phenomenon. When DVDs were new, it was cheaper to buy a PS2 than a standard DVD player most of the time. Everyone I knew that had one, that was their first DVD capable hardware.

SuperSonic916d ago


The behavior and mentality of Nintendo fanboys are a subject of study at the schools in the west.
And I am very interested.

Question_Mark4d ago

You know what the study results said? “At least they’re not as bad as Sony fanboys.”

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jaycptza6d ago

Okay now tell me now many units of software has PlayStation sold.

Literal_Cringe6d ago

It should almost match the Wii's 920 million, would be bad if it didn't.

DJK1NG_Gaming6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

The PS4 doesn't have that many games above 20 million or let alone 15 million.
Wii had 1 game above 80 million, several above 20 million and almost hundred of games above 1 million.

PS4 will probably beat it hardware but software sales no.

Christopher6d ago

***Wii had 1 game above 80 million ***

You mean the game that was boxed with every Wii sold?

***several above 20 million and almost hundred of games above 1 million. ***

PS4 can say the same thing. Just not for exclusives on the 20 million, which unlike Nintendo isn't its strongest selling point.

awdevoftw6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Last count was 876 million. Almost 10 games per system. The switch is 132 million.

SuperSonic916d ago (Edited 6d ago )

PlayStaion 2 sold 1.7 billion games man.
A number that PS4 can easily meet.
10,000 + titles playable!

Gemmol6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I got 30 out of all those and all digital no indies, 6 first party

TK-556d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"no indies"

Whaaaaat!??! Why leave indies out lol? There's loads of good indies games to choose from on the Switch.

Zeldafan646d ago

I have 43 with only 4 physical.

pcz6d ago

1800 games.... That's a hell of a lot of ports

Cmv386d ago

Pretty much, but on every platform, most games are indies.

Christopher6d ago

I just wish it was easier to find the better games on the store. I find it pretty limited in finding them with how much clutters the genres. I can spend more than 20 minutes finding nothing good or not played 3+ years ago elsewhere.

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Lighter96d ago

Hey! Some of that must be shovelware.

gangsta_red6d ago

Indie games aren't cool anymore?

6d ago
gangsta_red6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"Funny as they sure seemed to be a hot commodity early on this gen..."

Agreed, you couldn't shut a lot of people up about indies those years ago and they were herald as the savior of the industry even. The Pub Fund was god's gift and [email protected] was snubbed due to the never enforced parity clause. But like you said, you get a little taste of that sweet life and now you're out the hood and you all but abandoned what you said you never turn your back on.

The funny thing is the Switch is opening even more doors for these smaller devs more than their console counterparts. And it's partly because Switch doesn't have those inane high profile A titles that over shadow the smaller ones. IMO, that's a good thing, a chance for these guys to shine make some money and maybe be able to make a bigger budget game for their next project.

Also a lot of Switch titles are exclusive to that system. And the word "exclusive" is like king Tut's gold around here. So you would think there would be nothing but celebration for a console that has an insane amount of exclusives for it. But then again, goal posts must be moved and now third party games are must and when Switch does get them, now their just ports that everyone has already played.

It's just one contradiction after another.

crazyCoconuts6d ago

They are. @49miner you shouldn't generalize populations of people so quickly. Lots of different voices around here...

Christopher6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Are we lumping cash grab, low effort mobile ports into that? There are a ton of questionable games on the store, IMHO. I wish there was better curation at times,

gangsta_red6d ago

"Are we lumping cash grab, low effort mobile ports into that?"

Are we? One man's cash grab, low effort mobile port is another man's rare 1978 Playboy news stand August edition magazine.

There's a lot of questionable games in my opinion on all the stores, a lot I scroll past every time I visit the market. But I wouldn't downplay them because their indie like the OP is implying.

Christopher5d ago

***There's a lot of questionable games in my opinion on all the stores ***

Existing, absolutely. So front and center on a weekly basis, absolutely not.

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