DICE Holds Battlefield 5 Survey, Gets Called Out by Some Members of the Community

DICE is holding a Battlefield 5 survey now, & some members of the community have spoken out about it and just wants them to make a good game, and not base their game on "system analysis" and microtransactions.

Phoenix761955d ago

EA no longer care about making great games like they use to. Games from the mega drive era like desert strike and all the way up towards the end of last game was when they cared about gaming. But since then we have seen them become more and more interested in shareholders and investors money pouring in than they are with customer satisfaction in their products. I'm actually glad to have seen their share prices have fallen in the past 12 months by almost half, as this could possibly force investors to ask for a better product out of EA in order to win back players. But this is EA we talking about so I don't have high hopes they will change soon.

Casepb1955d ago

EA was the best during the PS2 era. I never played any EA games for SNES.

remixx1161955d ago

Yeah the PS2 era was great for them, I still go back and play games like SSX 3

BigKev451955d ago

EA Sports in the 90's was great. The Maddens, FIFA, NHL 94'. Need for Speed & Road Rash for 3DO. Mutant League Football...

Chaos_Order1955d ago

SSX Tricky and SSX 3 are some of the best games of all time. It's easy to forget that EA of all companies was responsible.

Nitrowolf21955d ago

EA is a shell of its former self, banking in a large sum amount of money and now their goal is to please shareholders.

To their defense making games has become expensive, but time and time again we have studios proving them that you don’t need MT to be successful.

EA to me has become one of those No name indie devs we get from time to time who are obviously just trying to get a quick buck.

Kidmyst1955d ago

@Chaos_order SSX Tricky is the best Snowboarding game, I was so addicted to that game and hoping for a remaster.

Phoenix761954d ago

Shame. You missed out on some true classics from back in the day. Ps2 era was incredible though especially like others have said SSX series. But even up till last gen they had some good titles like Mass effect 2. Since then though we've seen them become more and more greedy by being more interested with investors rather than the consumers.

TiredandRetired1954d ago

@Chaos_Order Loved SSX3 and Tricky!

SSX Tricky 2 2019:

"This game is our recital, DLC's very vital
To steal (Your dime), pull off (That crime)
It's Tricky is the title, here we go..

It's Tricky to steal your dime, pull off that crime as if you're blind
It's Tricky, it's Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)

It's Tricky to steal your dime, pull off that crime as if you're blind
It's Tricky, it's Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)..."

gam3r_4_lif31954d ago

Megadrive days with Desert strike and jungle strike. EA was a sign of quality back then, Electronic Arts they gave a shit about the art form. Those days are long gone

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excaliburps1955d ago

Is it a coincidence that this all happened when Andrew Wilson became CEO? He was the one who shoehorned Ultimate Packs in FIFA, right?

1955d ago
isarai1955d ago

I'm sure the devs care, but with it lead by purely business men that know nothing about games, who are just investor's bitch. This is what you end up with

gam3r_4_lif31954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

EA killed C&C and burnout I am not sure I can ever forgive them for that. I got BF1 on sale and I thought it was a good game. BFV just seems to be really buggy, I got it for 30 bucks and apart from that it is still quite a fun game, I dont care about any of the SJW crap or unrealistic details there are no realistic fun shooters because real war is not fun. I just wish they would give their teams time to make quality games, they have talented devs but seem to constantly restrain them by not giving the dev time needed or relying too much on focus testing or worrying about inclusion make a great game and everyone will want to play it

carcarias1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yeah, I remember Desert Strike and The Immortal from Megadrive times in particular. Most of my fond memories of EA though are from the years I had a Commodore 64.

It's sad to see a company that was there from pretty much the beginning turn into what it is today and it's even worse to see them drag down or abandon franchises like Command and Conquer, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Dead Space. The interesting single-player Star Wars that must have been quite far in development was canned too. It's like they're allergic to anything that doesn't have multiplayer/co-op and microtransactions.

I'd love to think they'll change ways but if they do it'll be like doing a u-turn in an oil tanker.

As for the survey, I wonder if one of the questions asked was, 'Do you like it when we call you racist and misogynistic and then tell you not to buy the game?'.

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CorndogBurglar1955d ago

My God I'm so tired of hearing about them blaming a lack of Battle Royale for their failed game.

It just shows how out of touch they are. It's like they think everyone liked everything else in the game, but no Battle Royale was the deciding factor for crap sales. I mean come on. They can't really be that blind....

Harkins17211955d ago

No but BR mode at the start would have been great.

CorndogBurglar1955d ago

Sure. But anyone paying even a little attention to the internet when the first BF5 teaser released knows that many fans decided not to buy this game the second they saw a woman with a prosthetic arm fighting on the front lines in WW2.

The 10th Rider1955d ago


Yeah, I ended up buying the game anyways using some rewards points when it was already 50% off . . . came out to $5. I would have bought it at launch if it was just a good WW2 Battlefield game. That initial trailer just completely set the wrong tone and killed off any hype I had for the game.

Razmiran1955d ago

I doubt EA actually believes that, I think they are just trying to convince shareholders

SegaGamer1954d ago

The thing is, the game didn't even fail, It still sold millions of copies. It's just that EA are so split from reality that multiple millions isn't enough for them anymore. Over 7 million copies is a failure to them!.......7 million!! Only EA would see that as a failure.

gam3r_4_lif31954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yeah that is the reason they killed off so many of my favourite game franchises. I loved dead space, the first and 2nd are master classes in survival horror. Its such a shame

Inzo1954d ago

And things are about to get worse for Dice because Respawn effectively killed any chance of BF5s BR mode being a success.

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Donnie811955d ago

Don’t use games as a vehicle to push your political agenda might be a good idea as well. They tried to appeal to a larger audience but crapped on their core fans in the process.

InTheZoneAC1955d ago

Actually they tried to appeal to non gamers and a smaller audience. The larger audience doesn't want the bs in the game.

oakshin1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

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excaliburps1955d ago

I dunno. For BFV, they appealed to a more core audience and I think this is part of why it "failed." I, for one, liked BF3, BF4, etc. more than BFV. I know taste is subjective, but the formula was working before, why change it this much?

Sircolby451955d ago

Agreed...BF1 I think honestly is a large part of why BF V is failing. (Along with the other obvious reasons.) A lot of the core fan base got turned off by the dumpster fire that was BF1 and just didn't bother with BF V at all. Honestly at this point they need a Bad Company 3 and they need to knock it out of the park. Blend BC2 and BF4 and you will have the perfect game.

InTheZoneAC1955d ago

Battlefield is the last link between me and EA. I didn't buy V, was hugely disappointed in 1. If the game doesn't return to 3/4/BC1&2 I'm done with them forever most likely.