Crackdown 3 Campaign Preload Is Live, Download Size Revealed

Crackdown 3 campaign preload is available to download now on the Xbox One. Here's how much space you will need to download the game.

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purple10142d ago

Seems a bit small. The rest must be up in those clouds somewhere

salmonade42d ago

I read somewhere that the cloud has been soaking up some of the "highest quality pixels" in all the land. Prophecy says that one day, these pixels of the most highest of quality, will rain down from the cloud and wash away the tears of the Xbox faithful and bring forth a new age of genuine satisfaction in one's Xbox console.

343_Guilty_Spark42d ago

Well 4K is still better than 1435p checkerbros

Marioraider1841d ago (Edited 41d ago )


Is 4k better than multiple Game of the Year games? On top of the onslaught of exclusives?

Maybe Microsoft should have focused on games in its earlier Xbone years instead of praising and focusing on cloud which has been an extreme let down considering their constant preaching of it

bluefox75541d ago

@343 Yeah, because resolution makes a game fun. It's interesting that despite all of that power, the X still has nothing that looks as good as base PS4 exclusives.

AngainorG7X41d ago

You have so many single player games to play to that checkerboard console yet you are still here, i guess you must be bored already

mandingo41d ago

ya red dead looks better than any ps4 exclusive. Xbox has it @bluefox755

Ricegum41d ago


Nope. Come back when you get a game that looks as good as God Of War, Spiderman, Uncharted or Horizon.

Heck, even The Order 1886 looks better than any Xbox game.

Marioraider1841d ago (Edited 41d ago )


I am a PC gamer. You spend WAAAAAAAAAAY more time here than I do buddy.


Lmao Red Dead is your best game and its available on PS4. You just made fun of your own console

EmperorDalek41d ago

Red Dead is better looking on the X than any PS4 exclusive, and by some distance too. Far Cry 5 looks better too.

That's just visually of course. If we're talking quality games, then of course PS4s been better. But to be honest, I haven't enjoyed most PS4 exclusives this gen. They've mostly been quite similar in genre. Third person, action, story based games, whereas the Xbox library, while generally weaker, has been far more varied.

But again, because I didn't like games like Spider Man, Detroit or Uncharted 4, I would certainly take Xbox for the fact it has by far the best version of Red Dead Redemption 2, and same with many other games. Plus the exclusives have generally been unique, unlike Sony's lineup.

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Lighter942d ago

OMG! Lol! You must've been saving that one for a rainy day.

NarutoFox41d ago

I'm still waiting on the review score 😏

bluefox75541d ago

Have you seen the game? It almost looks last gen. I'm not surprised by this.

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Razzer42d ago

Installing on PC right now....

NarutoFox41d ago

Will this game be on gamepass for the PC?

Razzer41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Yep. Every Microsoft first party game is Play Anywhere and on Game Pass.

Platformgamer41d ago

wow, an A game, not even AA.
i guess the other two As are on the cloud ahaha

Wallstreet3742d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Be prepared to be blown away..... By how much tht cloud bs was hot air and a waste.

King_Noctis41d ago

What are you talking about? The cloud, albeit at a smaller scale, works just fine in the game.

shaggy230341d ago

Been reading a lot of people's reviews of the wrecking zone mode that was available in the recent test that was available for Xbox owners.

Mostly all positive, they're saying a he'll of a fun mode, graphics aren't stunning, but still looks good.

It really does amaze me these days that so many people say that resolution or graphics make a game. And there was me thinking the most important aspect of a game is how fun it is.

Raiden41d ago

Did you play assassins creed Odessy which is just using your base pc and the cloud, you crackdown3 is the first game to have 100% destruction, haters have to hate, while you are all holding on to the past we are going to look forward and embraces the future while looking back and smiling.