Planet Xbox 360: TNA iMPACT Review

Having a name such as "Total Nonstop Action" for a wrestling corporation, one would assume the matches to be full of mayhem and havoc. This assumption is true as the shows that Jeff Jarrett and the rest of the competitors put on are highly entertaining. But the same can't be said for TNA's first video game, TNA iMPACT!, as it fails to capture the excitement and thrills of the real-life matches.

One problem with TNA iMPACT is the lack of game modes and options provided. You can expect the usual affair of game modes such as: 1 vs. 1, Tag Team, Handicap, Submission, Falls Count Anywheres and Free for All matches. But the heart and soul of TNA is found within its X Division, a division that focuses on high-flying and risk taking competitors putting it their body on the line for infamy. Fans of this division will be happy to hear that there are Ultimate X matches to participate in where players will scale metal structures to shimmy along cables to grab the X found dangling in the middle of the ring.

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