Assassin's Creed III Remastered Gets New 4K Screenshots and Box Art

Pure PlayStation: To coincide with the release date announcement, Ubisoft has released a new trailer that shows off the improvements over the original game, as well as a batch of screenshots and the box art for the game.

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AnubisG1958d ago

Doesn't look that great but much better than the PS3 version that I played. I haven't fi ished it on PS3 because I did not like this AC game at all. Maybe this time I will. Good thing I got the season pass for Odyssey which became my favoritr AC game of all time.

Dirtnapstor1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

ACO is a fantastic game. Ubi really knocked it out of the park with this AC installment.

Orionsangel1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

After the EPIC greatness of AC Odyssey it's hard to go back to these outdated AC games. It seems like it was all building up to the real game they wanted to make...AC Odyssey FTW!

stupidusername1958d ago

Odyssey was amazing. I got 95hours of play time before I quit so that’s great value.
Although I do hope the next one is a bit smaller and a bit more focused.

MrVux0001957d ago

"...it's hard to go back to these outdated AC games.It seems like it was all building up to the real game they wanted to make...AC Odyssey FTW!"

Cries in Ezio Trilogy...

Hroach6161958d ago

I honestly can’t go back and play the old AC games simply because of the new combat system. I tried replaying AC Black Flag(my favorite AC) and it was just okay. The combat grew stale pretty quick though.
It’s a shame they weren’t able to implement the new combat in this remaster. I get why they couldn’t. But it’s a shame. Glad I beat it when it came out so I’m not really missing much.

Count_Bakula1958d ago

It's garbage to me, became health bar hack-and-slash and killed franchise for me, but to each his own.

Would like a team to make an AC that goes back to the chaining combat that's at least more realistic than slashing a guy's bare skin while he's staying alive but losing some health. Other teams can keep this new system, fine, don't care, but would like a new game that uses counters and "realistic" executions.

starchild1958d ago

The new combat is vastly better that the old combat. There was no depth, or dynamism or challenge to the old combat. About the only thing I think was better about it is that it looked more fluid and cinematic. AC3 had the best version of that type of combat, but I still vastly prefer the new combat.

Ratchet751958d ago

I have been fooled by the ezzio collection so I won't be screwed again.

Donnie811958d ago

This is a game that deserves a remaster. I think the old tech held this game back

dreamoner1957d ago

better resolution =/= new tech.

artistadam1958d ago

much excite! ACIII is one of my faves of the series because of the story... and the introduction to hunting, tree navigation and of course, naval combat ;)... this one holds a special place in my gaming heart (despite the lackluster ending to the desmond story), looking forward to giving it another go in a couple months...

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6 Worst Video Game Remasters

GF365: "Occasionally, developers try to revamp classic games and sometimes they mess it up. Here are our picks for the six worst video game remasters."

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SinisterMister409d ago

They did the OG GTA Trilogy dirty.

badz149408d ago

yup, with the amount of money they are making with GTAV, and the amount of time they've had with both the games and the hardware, what they chose to do with the Remasters was criminal!

just_looken408d ago

So true but the worst is the borderline death of the mod community thanks to the remaster and take 2 in general.

They are remastering gtaiv so now any mod for that game is under fire and soon a worse version of that game will get tossed out.

If you head to youtube there is a year later videos on the gta trilogy they now removed stuff like physics to get the game to work but its still trying to be as good as those mobile ports.

Here is one good video to watch

Chard408d ago

I recall the remaster of IV got cancelled in order to prioritise VI and fixing the trilogy. But I'm assuming this is as good as the 'definitive' trilogy will get through official support - I wonder how much more could be done by the mod community. The original III and VC have reverse engineered ports which are probably the best current way to play them.

just_looken407d ago


Groove street is working on a unannounced project still they are going to do something for gtaiv anniversary based on a rumor.

Do not forget gta trilogy was the 3rd best selling game under the take 2 umbrella that year.

Demetrius408d ago

Ain it tho smh and they still won’t overhaul them smh I just purchased the original trilogy for my ps2 slim the cds were even still new posters in the case with the manuals lol I still play them for hours I won’t even look at gameplay of the defective edition bullsh**

Chard408d ago

are they still patching it?

just_looken408d ago

grove street stopped patching few months in and is now working on a unannounced title while a inhouse team in rockstar made the game playable so all missions can be finished and got that team got it back on steam store.

As my comment uptop states there are videos showing documentation and though it on steam the game is not near the quality of the mobile ports it came from. The ps2 era copies just destroy it overall.