StarCraft on console would look more like EndWar, says Ubi

Blizzard would never simply port StarCraft to console. If it decided to move to under-TV machines with the franchise, the game would end up looking more like Tom Clancy's EndWar than its PC counterpart, Ubi Shanghai director Michael de Plater's told VG247.

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Lanontscuz4652d ago

i loved Starcraft ...hopefully it does come out on a console soon...

JustinSaneV24652d ago

I'm guessing you never played StarCraft on the Nintendo 64...

mariusmal4652d ago

i didnt know starcraft came out in the n64 :D nice
didnt playstation had diablo 1 ?

JustinSaneV24652d ago

Yes both came out on those respective consoles and both were horrible ports.

mariusmal4652d ago

i was just curious cause i had the impression i saw diablo on sale for the psx ehehe. i was playing it on the pc.. so just checking

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