Dan & Fei Long In Street Fighter 4

It is official, Dan and Fei Long will be showing up in the console versions of Street Fighter IV. Play magazine has some of the first shots of the fighters in action, which you can check out in the gallery. With Fei Long now added to the roster, I can be 100% happy with SF4's line up. After Ryu, Fei Long is one of my favorite characters. It's even better to use Fei Long to beat on the whimpy pink clad Dan all day long. The wait for the SF4 "winter" release continues.

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Ninja-Sama4275d ago

I rly hope they release this for consoles soon.

Tacki4275d ago

Man, I can't help but like Fei Long with him being the Bruce Lee inspired character of the game. Just waiting on some Cammy screenshots now and hoping they bring in at least one 3rd Strike character. Makoto or Yun would be very interesting.

I'm so excited for this game... but the wait seems too long. I know on the day of release (whenever that may be) I will be wearing my headband... ready for my training to begin. In the mean time you can get Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD out, Capcom. Please, at least give us that soon.

aftrdark214275d ago

I wish they would bring Sean! Man I might break out my Dreamcast and play some 3rd Strike when I get off.


Swiftfox4275d ago

Excellent. Knew this was comming but it is nice to see them in game on release and not "pay to play" as seems to be the trend.

Can't wait to see Fie Long in action. Depending on how he performs he may replace Ryu as one of my top two picks.