Resident Evil 2 2019 Vs. The Evil Within 2, Who Did It Better?

Resident Evil 2 2019 recently released and it has been a smash hit. With 3 million copies shipped and over 1800 years worth of play time, a lot of gamers are enjoying Capcom's latest survival-horror title. However, how does it compare to The Evil Within 2, the franchise started by the director of the very first Resident Evil Shinji Mikami? Does The Evil Within 2 toppled Resident Evil 2 2019 or did Capcom's latest game showcase why Resident Evil is known as the king of survival-horror?

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DarkOcelet49d ago

Just got back to TEW 2 again and finished it on Akumu difficulty yesterday since they added it in an update recently. Took me 21 hours, what an awesome game. I haven't picked up Resi 2 yet but will do soon. All I can say is its a great time to be a survival horror fan. Would definitely recommend picking up Resi 7/TEW 1,2 and Alien Isolation if you are craving some good horrific time.

Blu3_Berry49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Wait, did they really add an update of Akumu mode to The Evil Within 2? I did not hear about this update at all.

EDIT: Holy sh*t, they really did add this as an update. I had no idea about it. I personally loved The Evil Within 2 and is severely underrated. It improved so much on the first game. I wished that Akumu Mode was added from the start when the game first launched, because personally I found Akumu mode a more interesting experience then Classic Mode on The Evil Within 2. Man I'm gonna have to start up Akumu Mode on TEW2 at some point now.

DarkOcelet49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Yea! The update was recent and I didn't even realize it was updated cause I saw no news about it. Classic mode is nice but it was no Akumu so as a person who loved Akumu so much in tew 1, this was a great surprise. Also they added Cheats (Inf health, inf Stamina and one hit kill) in the game as well if u wanna have fun and mess around and they don't disable achievements so if you wanna get the achievements easily, you can do that but i don't recommend that cause it takes away from the fun of actually beating those achievements with your skill.

--bienio--49d ago

So you telling me it actually worth to try TEW2??

UltraNova49d ago

Fuck yeah it is! The best survival horror game this gen

DarkOcelet49d ago

Hell yea it is worth it. So is TEW 1 but I can understand if people dislike TEW 1, it was rough around the edges but for me personally, its definitely one of my favorite survival horror games of all time.

Sirk7x48d ago

Evil Within 2 is really good. Better than the first.

Bronxs1549d ago

I have this game but didn’t play it yet. What’s this akumu mode about? Never heard. Is it some kind of new game plus thing?

DarkOcelet48d ago

Basically, anything in Akumu mode kills you in one hit so there will be trial and error in certain segments of the game as it forces you to memorize boss patterns, enemy patterns and where they spawn in certain situations etc. But with the abilities you unlock in the game, you will easily finish most of the game without too much trouble. It might be challenging but later on, you will become insanely powerful if you explore the game and gather resources. Also, the game autosaves frequently so you won't have to go back far if you die. Also if all this sounds daunting or scary to ya, then you can just enable in-game cheats (Infinite health, stamina, one shot kill) and they won't void any end game unlockables or achievements but where is the fun in that lol.

Blu3_Berry49d ago

Both games are extremely well done. Personally I gotta give the edge to Resident Evil 2. It just does everything so perfectly and it truly feels like a horror/survival game. Having tight narrow hallways with zombies blocking your path being forced to take them down or stagger them to proceed. Also with Mr. X stomping around he constantly keeps you on your toes when around and it's so nerve wrecking.

I also personally love the atmosphere as it had this dark dreary feeling to it where as with TEW2 it was more open hub-like areas. It was very easy to run away from enemies and the stealth is honestly a bit broken. There wasn't as much tension going around at times. The thing I do prefer about TEW2 is the upgrade system as you feel like you get stronger as you level up your abilities and arsenal (though I'm a bit biased on that part as I always loved having some kind of upgrade system in games).

Both games are excellent in my eyes but I do prefer Re2 over TEW2.

Loadedklip48d ago

I love TEW2 but yea I like RE2 remake a bit more so far. Both are fantastic.

FrostXVenom49d ago

Both are amazing,both have great atmosphere.i guess being a new game evil with 2 have better game play and world design.In terms of sound design and visual RE 2 wins.Both games are coming from re devs anyways.

Baza48d ago

TEW2 is very underrated. I just finished it and really enjoyed my experience. The witch lady sequences are some of the scariest in gaming. Terrifying!! Looking forward to jumping into RE2 soon

zsquaresoff49d ago

Both are good but what i loved about TEW2 is that you can Stealth Kill enemies even if you're low on Ammo. All you can do in RE2 is shot once and runaway.

2pacalypsenow48d ago

And they don't take 8 headshots to kill, even on the hardest difficulty.

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