Resident Evil 2 Remake: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting

A few things have changed from the original Resident Evil 2. Here are a few tips to help you through the first leg of the game."

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ptownjbo1992d ago

Would have loved if the campaigns were more different

mark3214uk1992d ago

but then it wouldn't be resident evil 2

LaWiiG1992d ago

I think they were different enough to warrant another playthrough.

JBlaze2261992d ago

Talk about that tyrant. Gonna have seizures if I hear heavy foot steps lol

LaWiiG1992d ago

The first time I was like, no, no, no. Damnit, NO!


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Cacabunga20d ago

Great game, shows how enjoyable old school games are

franwex20d ago

Bought this game like 2 years ago and have yet to play it. I was about to yesterday night, but decided to plow through my existing ff7 rebirth play through instead. But this is next up.

CrimsonWing6920d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Man, I hope that rumored classic trilogy collection drops. One thing I loved about these Remakes were how they blended that old-school obtuse back-tracking puzzle solving gameplay and this is going to sound psycho but the gore was kinda next level, lol.

Excellent game, though I kinda hate how these Remakes omit large portions of the originals. I’d have liked to see the giant spiders in the sewer or do something creative with the giant moth. Also I wish the city bit was more 1:1. One of the coolest parts was just seeing the city and the chaos that happened in the OG 2 and 3.


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The art of difficulty: What’s the best way to make games harder?

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DefenderOfDoom2119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

A great example on how to do difficulty in a video game is DOOM ETERNAL. Started playing on ULTRA VIOLENCE but then I started playing on NIGHTMARE after a couple hundred hours of playing on UV . What makes DOOM ETERNAL fun, is on Nightmare, the enemies are very aggressive ,but they give you the tools to defeat difficult enemies , you just have to learn how to use them .

FinalFantasyFanatic118d ago

Doom Eternal was so tough, but it felt so amazing to finish that game, even when the enemy feels unfair and gang up/box up into a corner.

Nacho_Z119d ago

Personal dislikes are bullet sponges and bosses with regular enemies thrown in. Just make the boss hit harder if it's too easy.

thorstein119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I think Helldivers 2 really gets it right. If enemies are easy, they swarm. If they're high level, they tend to have good defense and need strategems to take down...or bait.

I never feel too angry if I die by swarm because it is usually my fault for not checking my 6. I don't even mind dying if a teammate drops a bomb on the swarm that is gutting me.

I don't like cheap deaths. When the game allows you to progress only to hit you with an enemy that is suddenly immune to all the things you've unlocked and mastered is just dumb. If the game doesn't do hit boxes right and you get killed in lame ways it is dumb.

The screenshot is from Elden Ring, a game I really enjoyed, but the scaling was silly. I didn't do the Eligtree til late game so it was goofy difficult. I thought the Elden Beast was rather cheap. Not a fun skill based match, but just cheap enemy. There was no sense of, "oh it defeated me because I did this or I did that" like all Souls/Borne games.

Crows90119d ago

Don't handhold. There you go. every game is immediately harder and more rewarding.

DarXyde119d ago

1. Intelligent opponents that don't have some set, optional strategy to win and requires more critical thinking.

2. Game provides players with the knowledge and tools about a game world to stand a chance (or at the very least, the opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools).

3. Don't insist on enemies having much more health than the player arbitrarily. Sometimes, you'll have more durable enemies who are armored or inhuman which I would say is fair. The best approach to this I can recall in recent memory is Naughty Dog games: You're extremely vulnerable without armor and can get picked off pretty easily, but your enemies are pretty beatable with the right weapons and strategies where you can't just brute force it. That said, ammo is in short supply, so you engage at your own risk.

4. Depending on the type of games, make resources more scarce without necessarily making enemies bullet sponges. It simply means you'll have to choose your battles carefully and have damn good aim. Like Uncharted. If you're not good at headshots, Crushing is a rough time.

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