Six Underrated Games that Deserve a Remaster

WTMG's Jason Palazini: "As classic games get the remaster treatment, there are plenty of old games that will never see another edition. But as hopeful gamers, we made a wishlist."

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NecrumOddBoy53d ago

Brütal Legend had an amazing first hour then when it changed from an action RPG to some RTS crap, I was completely turned off.

DaDrunkenJester53d ago

Well the RTS parts weren't all the time, but I get what you mean. It felt out of place for sure

lptmg53d ago

killing emo zombies never gets old though

SickSinceSix53d ago

I'd like a remaster of the original The Darkness, that game was pretty good but restricted by the hardware of the Xbox 360 and PS3.

SickSinceSix53d ago

I should probably get around to their Riddick games in my backlog sometime. Last Starbreeze game I played was Syndicate last gen

isarai53d ago

Dark Messiah, like for real