How Can Disney Fix Star Wars

Star Wars might return to its former glory days if companies like Disney and EA can just get their #$%& together. But is that going to happen before the franchise tanks itself harder than an AT-AT on Hoth?

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SuperSonic91490d ago

Let Sony "take care of it" like they did give Spidey game and Venom movie the proper AAA treatment.
Let ND or GG or SP or SMG handle development.

Weeblordbad489d ago

Yes...that Venom this sarcasm? Is this a whoosh? Are you whooshing me!?

mkis007489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

Only the critics panned it. Viewers made it some major $$$ and had good things to say. One of the top 6 grossing movies last year.

bloop489d ago

I haven't seen Venom, but whatever money it took it doesn't make a difference. People are going to go because he's an already established character with a huge following. TLJ made truck loads of cash too but that doesn't take away from the fact it was a terrible movie and practically destroyed the whole franchise.

2pacalypsenow489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

Critics didn’t like it because it wasn’t “Woke”, it seems like critics only like movies that drive a social justice agenda.

Just look at Black Panther, that movie has no business being nominated for oscars, it hasn’t done anything the previous marvel movies haven’t already done, or done better.

Bohemian Rhapsody has a 67 critic rating while Black Panther has a 97. Compared to a 89 viewer rating vs 79 and Venom has a 29 critic rating vs a 89 viewer rating. I mean that says it all.

Venom was a great movie.

Weeblordbad489d ago

I bought it on 4k Blu ray, and it has to be one of the worst comic book movies I've seen in ages. If you enjoyed it, that's cool but I don't take user or critic reviews as gospel, I watch or play things for myself and make my own decisions.

That scene when Eddie is standing on the golden gate bridge looking at the Life labs building? Mighty fine sound stage he was standing on, that movie had more issues than I can count. From the pretty lame buddy comedy that Venom and Eddie build rather suddenly and the ending that was not only abrupt but pretty anti climactic and don't even get me started on the kinda low budget look of a lot of the special fx and the movie just not having enough Venom. I want to see VENOM not Eddie Brock with goo arm powers.

You really think I care about social issues with a comic book movie? Based on quality alone I'd watch Black Panther 500 times versus watching Venom another single time. Maybe if they just let it have an R rating, and hadn't cut the movie into a shell of what it was supposed to be then we wouldn't be having this exchange.

Mr Marvel489d ago

Black Panther was severely over-rated imo. I thought it was average at best.
Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 and Thor Ragnarok are the 3 greatest superhero movies imo.

CobraKai489d ago

I loved Venom. AAA or not, that movie was fantastic. (And no Rotten Tomatoes scores. There is nothing more worthless than a Rotten Tomato score)

SuperSonic is right. The real problem is that Star Wars Games used to have a large pool of talent that LucasArts was able to choose from. Now it’s all in house developers for EA, and that’s it.

LucasRuinedChildhood488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

You're right. Venom was incredibly mediocre. The only portion of the movie where there was an entertaining bond between Eddie and Venom was the last 5 minutes (used extensively in the trailers) and the after-credits scene is so hastily put together that I actually burst out laughing.

For those using the audience RottenTomatoes score as proof, the most accurate audience score (morons can't vote multiple times) is CinemaScore where Black Panther for example scored an A+ and Venom scored a B+. By CinemaScore standards, Venom was an alright but forgettable movie. Sorry, guys.

Regardless, audience scores aren't particuarly great at reflecting movie quality. Most of Transformers movies have gotten As from audiences and they're mostly shite.

Sono421488d ago

Critics only care about pushing a political agenda nowadays. Want proof? Black Panther is nominated for best picture... Black Panther.... I'll let that sink in. A movie that even the biggest Marvel fanboys say was just okay.. California and Holywood no longer care about making great art, just pushing agenda after agenda after agenda. It's honestly sickening.

I was going to watch this new netflix original made by dreamworks (can't remember the name) but the basis was there are these aliens running from their world and the land on Earth, this AI tells them it's going to disguise them. It says it's going to make them into people eveyone completely ignores, a Woman and a Latino. (This was in the trailer for the show) the second I saw that I went and dropped a quick dislike and moved on.

Then that new Sabrina show on netflix, the very first episode is about the football player abusing his "white privelage" went and dropped a dislike and never moved back, Netflix is filling up with propaganda, and if they keep it going i'm cancelling my subscription.

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Eidolon489d ago

Venom was entertaining, but I don't think it was a strong, recent marvel film.

SuperSonic91489d ago

Sony should get Amy Hennig back with Naughty Dog and continue her Star Wars game.

Nodoze488d ago

Sony should bring Amy back to head her own creative team. I say let Naughty Dog do their thing. Let Amy head up a new project...perhaps with Sony Santa Monica.

lazyboyblue488d ago

I love my ps4 pro as much as the next guy but let Sony have Star wars? Even knowing Xbox, switch and pc gamers won't get to play them?
Yeah that would be the kinda A hole thing Disney would do.

2pacalypsenow488d ago

Xbox, Switch and PC gamers can always get a PS4 🙂.

sampsonon488d ago

sure they will. all they need to do is buy a ps5,

Nodoze488d ago

You are making the assumption that Disney even cares. Hint: They don't.

MasterCornholio488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Letting EA make them is probably worse than that.

Honestly if it has to go exclusive (like Spiderman) to be any good I'm all for it.

SuperSonic91488d ago

Disney approached Sony to give the Marvel properties the AAA treatment thus saving the Spidey game franchise from mediocrity and made it a " force" to be reckoned with.

rainslacker488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Spider-Man sold just as much, or maybe more by now, than the last Star wars game, which released on multiple platforms.

While I don't agree with restricting the franchise to one platform, it doesn't mean that it's a terrible thing for sales, and people will go where the games are. Spider-man was a different scenario from what's being discussed here, but a Star Wars game created with the same love that Insomniac put into SM, with a top-tier team from Sony, would probably break records for sales.

I don't think it would happen, but you have to ask yourself this. Would you prefer a half-assed mediocre Star Wars game years from now since EA has none in production except probably the next BF game, or a top tier, AAA game on the level of Sony's exclusives years from now, but you'll have to buy a PS to play it?

I'd choose the latter, and it's not just because I will have a PS5 anyhow. It's because I know the game would likely be spectacular, and better than anything EA could manage to churn out....assuming they just didn't cancel it again. I mean, they've cancelled two SW games since getting the franchise. SW is a franchise which pretty much lends itself to being easy to make a game for. All one needs is talent, and a half decent story.

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Michiel1989488d ago

Would be pretty brutal for Amy Henning if ND got it

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shaun mcwayne490d ago

If you respect the source material and the fans, you get games like KOTOR, if your Ea, you just wanna milk it like luke did to that alien titty. What a way to piss on my childhood hero. I still have a constant shock expression on my face. They made him a moof milker. I was waiting for Han looking ruff herding nerf.

lazyboyblue488d ago

Worst treatment of a beloved character ever and now forever ruined.

sampsonon488d ago

might be time to grow up then.

Godmars290488d ago

But then SW was always something meant for kids.

That's why it featured child murder, amputation and implied incest. As well as other things for kids...

zodiac909488d ago

I can't even watch that movie a second time, just cause of that scene...among many other scenes.

sampsonon488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

"What a way to piss on my childhood hero"
And that's the key isn't it. In turn why do people want to "piss" on today's childhood hero's?
kids love the new trilogy, yet adults want to ruin it for them. I couldn't imagine having someone in my ear saying "this sucks, this sucks, this sucks, when i was a kid in the 70's watching the original movie.

If you don't like it, say so and then find something else to do.
The new trilogy doesn't belong to us. It belongs to this generation of kids.

shaun mcwayne488d ago

Didn't mean to upset you Rian Johnson.

sampsonon488d ago

@shaun mcwayne:
Maybe you should grow up.

rainslacker488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Kids love the new trilogy? Why's that? About the only kid appealing thing in the two movies is those little chipmunk creatures that took a liking to Chewbacca. You of which he roasted over an open fire?

The lightsaber scenes aren't really that cool. There are no epic space battles. The returning characters are curmudgeons and cynical. The infested SJW politics are way over their heads. The only real likable character, Finn, is cynical, and trying to run away from a fight. Everything is about how oppressed people are, despite the fact the empire was obliterated in Return of the Jedi...but I guess that didn't actually happen....or something, I dunno, because apparently you can build a base the size of a planet and no one notices, because that makes sense....but I guess kids wouldn't understand free market sourcing issues.

I can see why kids like the prequels, and even the originals. But these new movies are trying to make the series grow up as far as I can tell. In the process, they've made everyone into a broken character, with few to no redeeming qualities.

If kids like this movie, it's because they're attracted to flashy things. The content of the movies isn't something that is appealing to kids, so they probably don't understand it. They're free to like it, without having to worry about us ruining it, because as they grow older, and understand things better, they'll see the many flaws that exist.

sampsonon488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

@rainslacker: read and learn something.

adults need to stop placing their bias onto kids.
this is the reason Lucas retired. he got tired of telling adults that want to recapture their childhood through their love with star wars, and now want it to be like when they were children...... never going to happen.

grow up

sampsonon488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

@rainslacker: "They're free to like it, without having to worry about us ruining it, because as they grow older, and understand things better, they'll see the many flaws that exist."

and should we count all the flaws in the original trilogy?
I mean, you can't be serious? that's the point I'm making. when you're young you go without bias and analytical thinking. as a kid you fall into the world and enjoy the ride.
tell a kid he's stupid for playing with a big box, and how you don't understand why they like such things.

rainslacker488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

I said they're free to like it, but as I got older, i started noticing the flaws of the original trilogy, and I could write pages on the flaws of the prequels. I could do the same for the new movies.

But what adults are really going around ruining this for kids? The kids like it, that's great, but even in the reviews, the kids are saying its flawed. They're saying it's flashy and has lots of action. It's a popcorn flick.

But what I also see in all those kids reviews is that they're saying it has a good story. At least a lot of them are.

I don't know if this is just an issue of kids not really recognizing good story, or if this is just good by their standards. The latter seems more plausible, because based on most stuff I seen made for kids nowadays, it's all pretty lacking. Even disney and Pixar stuff is dumbed down compared to 20 years ago.

Lucas, for all his faults, could tell a good story. He was also good at staging a direction. His biggest fault was in his ability to write dialogue, and direct people. But beyond that, he was fine, and the original trilogy grew into a timeless classic because it held true to established themes, and had characters people could relate to.

These new movies don't tell a good story. It's quick one liners with mostly immediate resolutions. False drama to build up the inevitable. No natural exchanges or narrative discourse. No surprises, no twists, and everything ends in essentially a Deus Ex Machinima fashion, or you have characters who just manage to overcome their struggles with no effort. Even the prequels weren't like that, outside of predictability that came mostly because of pandering, despite how horribly written and structured they were.

I'm fine if kids now want to like it, but it doesn't change that as they grow older, their opinion is going to change. That's what happens when you get older. If it doesn't happen, then God help us all, because it means standards are just continuing downward.

I think the new movies are good popcorn flicks. For that, I have no problem with them. but as Star Wars films, they aren't that good, even for a series that was never a grand masterpiece of story telling to begin with. Yes, as a kid you go in without bias, but the thing about kids, is as you say, they don't look at it analytically. because they don't, their actual views on the movie have nothing to do with the movies quality, rather, if they were entertained. I was entertained by the films, but I don't think they were that good. That shouldn't change a kids opinion on it, anymore than that kids opinion on it would change mine.

shaun mcwayne488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Or get a sense of humour. Also if people enjoy the movies thats great, im just commenting on how I felt about them, im not trying to convert anyone, just exercising my right to free speech. If disney need to fix star was, it must be broken.

sampsonon487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

@rainslacker: "But what adults are really going around ruining this for kids? The kids like it, that's great, but even in the reviews, the kids are saying its flawed."

Kids come to these sites and read, they read comments on youtube as well as watch all the grown manchildren crying in videos.

a couple of kids give it a 2 or 3 out of 5, most likely because their parents were crying about t in the car.the average is 4 of 5 - 80%. 133 reviews.

stop reaching, you're wrong.

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Orionsangel489d ago

It's time for an Open World Star Wars game.

maybelovehate489d ago

@InTheZoneAC: Never played KOTOR I take it.

Orionsangel489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

No, that's old hot garbage. I mean in modern day times.

CobraKai489d ago

It’s funny how easily people tend to forget the great games BioWare developed.

sampsonon488d ago

Tell me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Bioware already have an open world star wars game?

InTheZoneAC488d ago

the old Bioware is long gone

maybelovehate488d ago

@sampsonon: KOTOR had some very basic open world elements in as far as choosing locations. But it was not an open world game. It would fit in an open world game so perfectly though, I hope they make another one. One of the greatest games of all time in my view.

Godmars290488d ago

Old Bioware you mean. Before the Dark Times. Before EA.

maybelovehate488d ago

#godmars: Bioware is still amazing. Dragon Age Inquisition is an awesome Open World game. Using that same gameplay system in a Star Wars universe would be incredible I feel.

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Bismarn489d ago

If anyone can fix Star Wars Disney can, because you need at least 10 to 15 billion dollars to research a time machine, go back to June 2014 and kill Rian Johnson before he and Disney finalized the deal for him to write and direct Episode VIII. I know many fans would demand we go back further and murder his parents before he was born, but I'm trying to make a good faith compromise.

Sciurus_vulgaris489d ago

I also think JJ Abrams is a mediocre director who relied on nostalga. Some leaks already hint to Abraham’s copying Return of the Jedi to close the sequel trilogy.

sampsonon488d ago

He only relied on nostalgia because all the cry babies that forced George Lucas to retire complained about the prequels saying they whished star wars was like the originals. Now they do that and the same people are saying they relied on nostalgia. make up you f-ng mind already.

HeisenbergX488d ago

Sciurus_vulgaris Absolutely agree ! i hate force awakens more then the last jedi .. we have been fooled with that movie so hard.

rainslacker488d ago

Abrams at least set up some decent story threads to go off of. Most of which were thrown out the window for TLJ. But I do agree, he did rely heavily on nostalgia, and he probably could have tried harder to not basically copy ANH.

maybelovehate489d ago

I wasn't crazy about the Last Jedi, but Rian did make Looper which is amazing, so he needs to exist.

maybelovehate488d ago

There is really only one good Star Wars movie. And that is Empire. The rest in reality are all meh. The prequels are by far the worst though. The Clone Wars tv show and Knights of the Old Republic are the best things ever created in the Star Wars Universe. So while Rian deserves some criticism, he is far from being alone.

Godmars290488d ago

"If anyone can fix Star Wars Disney can,"

Um, Disney are the ones who f**ked it up. Kennedy, who prioritized a social-political agenda over any entertainment value, failed to so much as vet directors and/or writer for the Sequels let alone put them together to work out an overall plot. Let Mister "Mystery Box" set things up while at the literal same time had Cartman from South Park start his middle movie meant to expand on the first while set up the third - cause, you know, *TRILOGY!* - but instead "subverted expectations" while the third guy got fired for thinking he was making a trilogy and wanted something to work with.

You are asking, expecting, a company that allowed that mess to happen to "fix" it?

Good luck with that...

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PapaBop489d ago

EA get their act together? Not going to happen. Best thing Disney can do for Star Wars would be to revoke EA's license, issuing a statement apologising to fans for having to put up with EA's BS and promising that in the future all license agreements will be done on a per studio basis.

On the movie side of things, get Gareth Edwards back. For all the hate Disney get for their handling of Star Wars, Rogue One was the best Star Wars movie since ROTJ.