PlayStation Now is coming soon to Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden

PSBlog: "Today we’re happy to announce that the PlayStation Now service will roll out to new territories across Europe later this year. Gamers in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden will soon join UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg and Ireland in having access to over 600+ games from the PS4, PS3. "

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outsider162429d ago (Edited 29d ago )

What about Asia?

Sniperwithacause29d ago

Not looking likely, considering that they took the time to list all the other locations in the title!

29d ago
rainslacker29d ago

Looks like laderirod really gets what you're saying....

gravedigger29d ago

If your download/upload speed is fast enough, try to use US PS Now. Even you're from EU. I'd did it. Works fine.

outsider162429d ago

Yeah no. Tried it. My down/upload speed not up to mark. Damnit!

gravedigger28d ago

Quote : Yeah no. Tried it. My down/upload speed not up to mark. Damnit!

What is your download/upload speed? My is around 52/11 and i can stream games from US PS Now just fine here in Europe

gravedigger28d ago

Quote : 6mbps down and 2mbs up

Yeah, that's the problem why it won't work.

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sizeofyou29d ago

Investing in more Now locations? Bit worrying for the limitations of any backward compatibility next gen..?

Razzer29d ago

Has nothing to do with BC. Streaming would be moving forward even if PS4 already had BC.

sizeofyou27d ago

Has everything to do with BC. PS game owners from 1/2/3 won't get to play on new console because Now is still being used to sell 'rented' streamed games that are already owned...

Razzer27d ago

Ok. I misunderstood what you meant. I thought you were referring to PS5 being BC with PS4 which this wouldn't affect. But yes, I can see it preventing BC with earlier gens.

crazyCoconuts29d ago

PSNow is more than PS3 games. Hundreds of PS4 games as well.

rainslacker29d ago

It has a download option for PS4 games, and it's reasonable to assume that PS4 BC will be on PS5, since Sony made mention of that being an intention with going to x86.

rainslacker28d ago

Dunno. Your guess is as good as mine.

Iltapalanyymi29d ago

finally. took them long enough

sprinterboy29d ago

We're also still waiting for playstation vue

OtterX29d ago

We always get things late here in Portugal. :P

Netflix didn't even arrive here until October of 2015.

I was able to do the PS Now trial here though a number of years ago using my US account. It didn't run that well, being so far from the American servers. That's good that we'll have some local servers now. I should be able to get on the free trial with my Portuguese account to make sure it's a better experience.

It's not a service I will keep running every month, but it's nice to have if I want to play some games I don't have and don't want to hunt down physical copies of. I still play my PS3 sometimes. Especially need to finish the original Ni No Kuni.

Dreamcatcher4529d ago

It can't be worse than Sweden. We got KFC and Domino's like two years ago.

Ratchet7529d ago

No Netflix before 2015?
How did u manage to live without? 😊😊

DrStronk29d ago

@Dreamcatcher45 You swedes are luckier then you think. I live in Norway and we still dont have KFC...

OtterX29d ago

@Ratchet Lol, I used my American Netflix account here without a need for VPN. Netflix only clamped down on restricting people to their region after they finished rolling out that new wave to most countries.

I'm an American expat living here, so I've never actually been without it since Netflix started.

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Team_Litt29d ago

Hold up, Now isn't available worldwide? I suppose they didn't think a streaming only service would work in these regions and they are opening it up now because of the option to download PS4 games.

rob-GP29d ago

Streaming works best when you are physically located closer to the servers - these areas that are new are most likely getting a new server set up near their region.

Dreamcatcher4529d ago

Wich is odd because Scandinavia has like the best network speeds in the world.

elazz29d ago

I thought it was available at least in all European countries since it is the biggest gaming streaming service so quite surprised that a dozen or two dozen countries actually have access to the service. Great that it's expanding.

Razzer29d ago

Streaming hasn't caught on in a big way even in the areas where it is available. Not really much point in pushing it out to the whole world.

ocelot0729d ago

Can I ask how you know this? I'm no ps now fan but how do you know it has not caught on?

Razzer29d ago

I don’t have any real facts to back it up but it seems fairly obvious that it has not hit mainstream in any significant way. Sony would be bragging about it to investors if it had

rainslacker29d ago

Streaming requires server infrastructure, with more local servers. While there were workarounds to get it to work in other regions, they tended to cause so much latency, that it wasn't worth using. Many new things are usually restricted to regions where they can focus in on the market, and it grows over time.

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