Has Disney Turned Star Wars to the Dark Side

Disney and EA locking in a ten-year Star Wars deal seemed okay at the time. Now, it seems like it is just hurting the series and its fans. Is it time for a change?

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FlameWater500d ago

Star Wars and Marvel would've been the perfect inclusions in Kingdom Hearts 3 *sips coffee* But that's none of my business.

TheSocietalAnomaly500d ago

lol, fuck no.

Star Wars and shitty superheroes would make KH3 super lame.

Kornholic500d ago

KH would lose its charm instantly.

rainslacker499d ago

Goofy would be too OP as a Jedi.

Rude-ro500d ago

Disney is just as greedy as ea...
I mean, even Disney is ruining the franchise themselves and they have pulled greedy tactics due to it... so I think it is a perfect fit for the two to continue the trend.

bigmalky500d ago

Lucas made a terrible move selling to Disney. They messed with the movies, messed with the great canon that came from books, games and other media, and handed an exclusive license to EA for games...

Corporate greed and lack of care to long term consumers of the franchise, who made Star Wars as big as it is today. Without fandom, you have nothing to sell.

SegaGamer500d ago

I would rather have had no Star Wars at all than the crap Disney and EA have given us.

I personally think Disney has already seriously damaged the franchise after the release of The Last Jedi. The prequels get heavily criticised, but fans enjoyed them enough to the point where they were still asking for more. The expanded universe was keeping fans happy. Things are different now though, the fans just seem so down on the franchise now.

I seen The Last Jedi on the day it was released, I went to see the first showing of the movie at 12am. It was by far the most disappointed I have ever been after watching a movie. When the movie ended, I honestly just didn't know what to say. I just looked around, and you could just tell that people were shocked by what they seen. It was so quiet but for a few murmurs. It was the weirdest atmosphere I have experienced after watching a movie. Over a year later and I still can't think about Star Wars without being annoyed about that piece of **** of a movie. It was that bad that I didn't even go and watch the Solo movie ( the Star Wars movie nobody even wanted )

I don't know how they can possibly fix things from here, episode 9 should just be called 'Star Wars - No Hope'. Episode 6 and 7 haven't just ruined Star Wars going forward, it's ruined my favourite sci-fi characters. When the news broke that Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, R2-D2 and C-3PO, everybody was excited, but they have all been butchered. They didn't even get a single god damn scene together!!

The sequel trilogy is the worst thing to happen to Star Wars. I haven't seen a single thing from these movies that will make me remember them in a positive way. No memorable lines, no memorable characters, no memorable action scenes, they are just terrible. How the hell can you announce a trilogy of films but not actually have any real direction for them?

I'll leave it there because I really could go on all day about how much I hate what Disney have done with Star Wars. Them letting EA of all companies publish Star Wars games came as no shock too me what so ever. As soon as it was announced I said this was going to be bad and that is exactly how it's playing out. I watched Jim Sterling's recent video about EA and Star Wars and he was spot on. EA and Disney are both ruining the two things I have grown up with and loved, video games and Star Wars.

bigmalky500d ago

I managed to avoid going to see TLJ in the cinema, as my brother in law saw an early screening and told me not to bother.

I've since seen that and Solo via borrowed dvds... Disney are chodes for handing Kennedy the franchise. Their decision making on SW has been extremely questionable since they got a hold of it.

I'm not much of a fan at all anymore.

Giblet_Head500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

I think Lucas is the greatest troll to ever live personally. Created a franchise so many love, years later fans chastise him for certain decisions(now minuscule in comparison to Disney's),eventually selling off the franchise and enjoys a comfortable retirement at the expense of fans begging he'd come back as Disney removes thirty years of source material, and milks the franchise for every cent, leaving little room for quality and narrative consistency.

I remember when the announcement came out and so many fans were overjoyed that Lucas no longer had control, actually deluding themselves into thinking a soulless conglomerate would care about anything but revenue. It's hilarious now looking back.

rainslacker499d ago

I've never really looked into it, but why did he sell the franchise in the first place? Was LucasArts going bankrupt, or did he just want out?

bigmalky499d ago

He said he was offered 4bil for it and said he couldn't really refuse that amount of money.

He regrets it though. He basically knew Disney would butcher the name.

kalkano500d ago

Disney has done more damage to Star Wars than EA could ever hope to do.

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