Square Enix Must Hate Money Because No Kingdom Hearts Series on Xbox & Switch Makes No Sense

Author Writes: With the impending release of Kingdom Hearts 3, it seems like Square Enix has missed their perfect opportunity to bring the series to other platforms.

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PhoenixUp31d ago

Square Enix already said they wanted to focus directly on getting KH3 our first before even considering porting those remasters to other platforms

Yodagamer29d ago

I get that point of view, but how are they expecting Xbox owners to know the story without referring to the internet. It doesn't make sense to Port it afterwards.

CrimsonWing6929d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Watch a YouTube recap?

I could be wrong in this thinking but if you’re willing to go into game number 3 I’m pretty sure you either: 1) Have played the other games or 2) will do your due diligence and get caught up on the story through wikis or user-created content.

My understanding is the game will have a recap of all events leading up to 3 so... I don’t think you’ll be lost if you haven’t played a Kingdom Hearts game. Hell, I own a PS4 and I’ve only played 1 and 2, there’s no way that I have the time to go through every other Kingdom Hearts game before this one. I’d probably be burnt out if I did.

Ausbo29d ago

No one knows the story to KH

Seraphim29d ago

I recall seeing SE stating they had plans for releasing a recap and including something to play at the start of KH3 as well.

And upon further review, a simple google search, there's plenty of stuff out there. For one there's apparently some videos recapping the series put out by SE. Also according to an article at comic from Nomura

"We have included several elements in Kingdom Hearts 3 to explain the story and get newcomers up to speed the minimum required level of understanding, including a series of videos to explain the story so far at the start of the game," Nomura told the site. "I would be delighted if people who played Kingdom Hearts 3 took an interest in the series overall and went back to play the previous games as well."
link to article:

as someone else mentioned, no one knows the story Lol. I don't think they had planned for all the spin offs so it gets a bit convoluted from what I've seen. I absolutely love KH but aside from Dream Drop Distance [2.8 HD remake] I've never bothered with the spin offs despite now having them via the 1.5 and 2.5 releases last gen. So in all honesty the recap provided at the start of the game is probably suffice for newcomers.

AspiringProGenji29d ago

The same way we PS4 fans had to figure out Witcher story when W3 got released on PS4

Chocoburger29d ago

You could play every game in the series, and you still can't figure out the story, so having the HD collection on Xbox One wouldn't help in that regard anyway!

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PhoenixUp29d ago

You’d rather have them delay KH3 even further to make development time to port these games to XO?

Neonridr29d ago

It wouldn't have been hard for them to release the 1.5 / 2.5 HD remix that came out on PS4 onto the Xbox platform. Lazy.

DJK1NG_Gaming30d ago

Well considering Nintendo got KH on GBA-DS-3DS
They will get if it happens KH1-3 eventually or get another game like Dream Drop Distance as an exclusive for the time being til KHIV if that to ever happen.

TheColbertinator29d ago

Been a huge KH fan since day one and honestly I didn't care which system it landed on. Thankfully KH3 landed on Xbox One which is perfect for me.

Shadowsteal29d ago

Huge KH fan since day one and Xbox doesn't mix.

DuckOnQuack3529d ago

Lmao some people have issues wow

shaggy230329d ago


So is it not physically possible that someone can actually like ALL CONSOLES and not be a rabbid fanboy?

stupidusername29d ago

KH remasters on the Switch would be great on the go with the Switch though. I’ve got it on PS4 but I’d buy again on Switch.

pinkcrocodile7529d ago

@ShadowSteal you need to brush on your reading comprehension. Read his comment again and you'll see that you had your head up your @rse.

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JEECE29d ago

There's a solid argument for switch, but these games wouldn't sell significantly on XONE. The install base is roughly half of PS4 and much less disposed to Japanese games (even when 360 and PS3 had virtually identical install bases Japanese games would sell a significant majority of their copies on PlayStation). KH3 was announced for both consoles before Square saw how lopsided this gen would be. Plus a true numbered sequel is always going to sell better than a spin-off with a crazy title like Kingdom Hearts: 2×(8÷3): Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Eidolon29d ago

When does that spin-off come out :O! Lol, yeah. FFXV sales on PS4 5X'ed Xbox One or something, get it out on the highest selling console first.

KillBill28d ago

What does FFXV have to do with Kingdom Hearts?

Eidolon28d ago

Um, Square Enix Action RPG. Except that FF is probably more known....

Dreamcatcher4529d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Why parentheses in 2 x 8/3?

NotoriousWhiz29d ago

Why not just call it 5.3333333333333333333333333333 33333333333?

tehpees329d ago

There is a major difference between an Xbox fan and a 360 fan. I cannot believe even after Tales of Vesperia's abysmal sales (and that is in the UK) people still carry this mentality that the wider fanbase 360 had has carried over because it clearly has not.

JEECE29d ago

Yeah that's my point. Even when Xbox had a larger fanbase, these types of games struggled significantly. Now, with the fanbase about half of what it was, there's little point in even releasing them on Xbox.

tontontam029d ago

Xbox gamers don't want kingdom hearts, they prefer games full of guns and macho protagonist.

pcz29d ago

PlayStation gamers want games with beautiful puddle physics

Nintendo gamers want games where the trees and clouds have smiley faces and sing

Neonridr29d ago

Doom, Doom 2, Diablo 3, Wolfenstein 2, MK11 all seem to disagree with what you are saying..

Kiwi6629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

So why are games like CoD always high on lists of the best sellers etc for both consoles as that would suggest that both fanbases like "games full of guns" as you put it, yet not everyone on either side only play that type of game plus Kingdom Hearts has been on multiple consoles since day one

badz14929d ago

the collections don't even sell THAT amazingly well on the PS4 with the biggest fanbase and supposedly where most of the fans of the series are. so what makes the author think that it will do better on other platforms?

Chevalier29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Look at Ace Combat in the UK where the PS4 and Xbox One are more on even footing and the split was 76% sold were on PS4. Its not like it would move units on Xbox.

shaggy230329d ago

But it still sold 24% on Xbox, you think a developer/publisher just doesn't care for that 24% increase in sales?

It's not like back in the day when the difference between consoles was vast like PS3 and Xbox 360. Porting a game between system was a nightmare back then. These days the systems are virtually identical, and porting games takes very little work.

So why not release a game on as many platforms as possible if it doesn't require much extra work?

Chocoburger29d ago

"But it still sold 24% on Xbox, you think a developer/publisher just doesn't care for that 24% increase in sales? "

This is false logic. Its not a 24% increase in sales, because if it was exclusive to PS4, all multiplatform owners who had bought it for Xbox One would have simply bought it for PS4 since there was no other choice. The only increase of sales % is people who don't own PS4, but do own Xbox One and would have purchased the game. Which is to say a small percentage, perhaps 10% at most.

Neonridr29d ago

because in Japan Nintendo is king.

Neonridr28d ago

@SierraGuy - I love hearing nonsense like this. MHW sold like 3 million copies in Japan which accounts for like 25% of the world sales, but no.. they mean nothing. This is one country that sells numbers that rival entire regions.

Chevalier29d ago

@ Shaggy

" So why not release a game on as many platforms as possible if it doesn't require much extra work?"

Because nothing is free. I assume there is work involved and testing that has to be done. If you need to allocate resources and time and those same people could be working on bigger more important projects then maybe its not worth it. There's cost versus benefit for everything and if the benefits is low then they'll judge it as minimal or negligible benefit if any. I'm sure they got people with all the data to make that kind of informed decision.

Just look at Nier Automata which finally hit Xbox and it was digital only. Square has released many games on Xbox now over multiple generations and they would know their audience pretty well by now. Xbox users don't buy these types of games generally.

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