4 Disney Games We'd Love To See on the Switch

There are so many Disney games that could be made, but not much of that magic is being shared on the Nintendo Switch. This is what we'd like to see.

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Xavi4K282d ago

it really surprised me that Kingdom Hearts didn't get a switch or Pc release such games will sell like hotcakes on switch.

ZeekQuattro282d ago

It's especially bizarre given there have been two KH games on Nintendo platforms in the past.

diepdiep282d ago

4 games:
Chain of Memories, 365/2 Days, Recoded, and Dream Drop Distance.

ZeekQuattro281d ago

@Diepdiep Didn't realize it was was that many.

AK91281d ago

I got definitely see the remaster collection on Switch but not sure if it could run KH3 considering both the PS4 and XB1 struggle to run it.