Microsoft Wants Your Help To Improve Windows Gaming

Xbox has produced a steady stream of innovative new ideas that benefit players since Phil Spencer took over Microsoft’s console division in 2014. Now Microsoft wants to improve gaming in Windows and it’s seeking your help. Your ideas could make Windows gaming better for all of us.

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william_cade30d ago

How much are they going to pay? If they aren't paying then the title should read, "MS wants to Exploit You" . The F'n joke is that either MS doesn't know what the customer wants or wants free ideas, because you know MS can't afford to pay.

XxExacutionerxX30d ago

First, I think a great start to improve, Microsoft should take every windows pc away from william_cade immediately.

william_cade30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yeah, and they should you for your inane comment. It's pretty ignorant to think MS don't already know what consumers want and that they are just yapping out of their gaping maw, kind of like you, And if they truly don't know and want a Bethesda style fix then they should pay for it.

Most likely, they already have a plan and going to do whatever they want, so they are wasting every one's time. No matter the customer is the one getting exploited, there's no way around that. So maybe some should take the PC from you and give you some walking lessons baby.

whothedog30d ago

Yes listening to users is a bad idea. Come on meow

They just need to work with Steam now, steam is pretty much pc gaming

crazyCoconuts30d ago

I agree but I don't think their strategy is to help Steam succeed. Especially not when Steam has been trying to get the games to run under Linux.

william_cade30d ago

I'm not saying don't listen to users. You got to be dense to even think that. But It's absurd to think that they haven't listened to users this entire time when it comes to gaming and now they are going to? Or they are just talking like usual and put out the usual crap. Or they really don't know and want the users to fix their problem like Bethesda.

NarutoFox30d ago


What a silly comment

Obscure_Observer30d ago


"MS wants to Exploit You"

You clearly are not a PC gamer. Lol

Weeblordbad30d ago

You do realize Sony had a feedback site that was basically online petitions? Companies ask consumers for input all the time, it's pretty standard.

Like I get that you're trolling, but looking through your comment history I really have to wonder what you get out of it? Or you're not trolling and you're actually this stupid, I wouldn't be shocked either way

DaveZero30d ago

Are you off your head about Microsoft can't afford to pay

Millions would suggest otherwise but of course silly fanboys like you would know what those millions upon millions of Xbox fans want.

The Fact you you just start shouting stupidness like they want to exploit people, says what an enraged silly person you are.

You need a reality check..

Razzer30d ago

lol....what? All companies regularly ask consumers what they would like to see improved in their products. This is no different. You are way off base here, dude.

Kiwi6630d ago

So does your logic apply to all companies that ask consumers for feedback or is this just something that you think Microsoft do due to your fanboyism

rainslacker30d ago

Number one answer from most, " put it on steam".

Otherwise, people have been saying for years how Windows gaming could be better. Namely, not having ms hold back gaming by forcing dx into new versions of Windows.

The biggest thing people want from ms with Windows gaming is to stop being ms.

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OneMadGamer30d ago

The Windows 10 Store right now sucks, it doesnt feel like a gaming store and I want Microsoft to really improve it and be like Steam.

MrGameAndWatch30d ago

Just let your PC idle for 5 mins after a restart/update, then just play. No need to get a windows gaming edition :)

battlegrog30d ago

why is it so hard for them to make windows games have more of a system like xbox. It should be separate from the store as its killing the product.Noone wants to touch there games because of that. If it was its own thing and had all the fuctions like xbox or steam it would do well.

iain0430d ago

Sort out the store mine disappeared a while ago then came back as a single colour screen. Was hoping to buy Gears 4 but that’s gone tits up.

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