The Capcom Crossover Fighting Game People Hardly Ever Talk About

Ever wanted to see Mega Man’s sister, Roll, beat the crap out of Yatterman-1 from the series Yatterman! Gan Takada? TvC has you covered. Did you know that the game only released on the Wii? Fortunately, it supports fight sticks and GameCube controllers in addition to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Unfortunately, Capcom’s licensing deal with Tatsunoko lapsed sometime in 2012, so we never got a sequel.

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PhoenixUp497d ago

Because not many western audiences are familiar with the Tatsunoku brand.

I’m grateful for this game existing because it led to some of its devs to also work on the later MvC3

Majin-vegeta497d ago

Also didnt help that it was only on the wii.Instead of the other popular platforms

DarXyde497d ago

MvC3 was broken too. Dark Phoenix and the infinite combos really made that game a drag to play online.

I love Marvel and grew up loving the comics, but I got more out of TvC. I also loved Tatsunoko growing up.

Both games are hilariously broken fighters, but MvC3 was perhaps more frustrating. Sure, TvC has serious problems that could not be patched.... but the fact that Capcom left MvC3 in that condition when they COULD have patched it and preferred to release UMvC3 is perhaps worse. They gave some flimsy reasoning about the earthquake in Japan.

gangsta_red497d ago

We need another Capcom SNK crossover. In fact throw in Namco for the ultimate in fighting game goodness

DarXyde497d ago

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was a blast, but it had some serious balancing issues. I guess it wasn't really practical to allow for DLC and patches on Wii, but it was pretty bad in terms of balance. I had modded my Wii to play the original Japanese version which was, in my opinion, better than the western release. Western release added Zero, which seriously broke the game.

Vandamme21497d ago

I wanted to play this game but it was a wii exclusive

Segata497d ago

Not only the one people forgot but it's actually the best Capcom Vs game there is and the best fighting game Capcom made in the 7th gen and they have yet to top it in the years since.

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