Why Mortal Kombat Armageddon Was an Indulgent Last Hurrah For Klassic Kombat

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon felt like an end to everything the series had been building towards for many years, literally funneling every character – from elder gods to goofy guest stars – into a massive meat grinder, letting that bloody paste congeal before rebooting the franchise half a decade later.

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Dan50881d ago

Worst and laziest of the series!

SickSinceSix881d ago

The last Klassic Kombat to me was Mortal Kombat Trilogy, before the art style changed. Klassic Kombat was 2d not 3d too imo

TrueMetal881d ago

I agree. UMK3 was the last great MK game(before MK9) and Trilogy was a nice send off before the series started to suck when it went 3d with 4.

Skankinruby881d ago

If they didn't goof with getting experimental with the fatalities in this one it could have easily been the best. That fighter roster was awesome

Vandamme21881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

Mortal Kombat hasn’t been the same for me ever since that piece of crap they call deadly alliance came out. That gameplay was slow as hell and they killed my favorite character lui kang.

MK1: masterpiece
MK2: masterpiece
MK3: good
MK4: awesome
MK deadly alliance: crap
MK Deception: okay
MK Armageddon: trash
MK vs DC: okay
MK9: good
MKX: got boring after I beat the story mode

Smokehouse881d ago

I never got into 3D fighting games. The mk 3D era were the only ones I ever played. I miss the konquest story modes and the Shaolin monk games. The 3D brawler type of mini game would be welcomed with open arms. The weird mini games were great as well. Mk9 has some cool distractions in the challenge tower. I hope more of that stuff shows up in mk11.

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