Mortal Kombat 11 Kollector's Edition Cost is Part of a Growing Problem

It’s only been a few years since collector’s editions of games cost about $100. These normally included whatever season pass was tied with the game and a statue or collectible of some sorts. Now these prices have gotten a bit out of control. If you watched the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal this week, its collector’s …

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thatguyhayat31d ago

It has. In the UK its 279 a scorpion bust and a steel book thats just basic and plain is not worth the price. Its worse than Square Enix store pre orders

TimelessDbz31d ago

Paying for the material . Not a cheap Fisher price plastic on that mask.

thatguyhayat31d ago

That didn't turn out well for Bethesda you have to be careful these days

TimelessDbz31d ago

Exactly why the collectors edition is expensive. REAL MATERIAL .

InKnight7s31d ago

The only reasonable and good collector edition is XIII lightning return, but yeah their mainline isn't impressive at all. I mean look at KH3 CE its a joke that nobody asked for, instead of decent figure of Keyblade masters with some decent shirt and some cool medals, they just to deliver 3 pathetic Lego-like figures, out of all amazing designs they offered Toy Story design!!. Why would you sell 3 figures as CE of a game??!!

Ultimate Edition of XV hold the throne but for high price.

yomfweeee31d ago

Don't buy it if you don't think it is worth it. This ain't rocket science.

tar_tar0731d ago

I agree 100 percent. Ppl can spend their money on whatever they want.

DerekTweed31d ago

It's almost like some people think they should just get the stuff for free

spicelicka31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Absolutely, but it should also be fairly criticized if majority of people don't see the value there. I think that's important to consider because many people are big fans and would like to buy special editions for a fair price, now their only option is to spend outrageous amounts of money on cheap items or not buy the special edition at all.

CyrusLemont31d ago

Stop mass producing collector’s editions, number them out of 10,000, make the item high quality and people will pay $$$ for it. By this stage everyone’s figured out that a $500 collector’s edition will be worth $80 in 6 months because the backload of stock that wasn’t sold just gathers dust in the warehouses.

Ubisoft is the biggest culprit with this.

Halo 3 Collector’s Edition was perfect.

-Foxtrot31d ago


If people knew they were very limited, good quality and numbered with a certificate of authenticity then people would be more inclined to buy them.

However in Mortal Kombats case for the price, they need to add more to the edition. The CE dosen't even include a season pass or some other little trinkets.

Matrix631d ago

In MK11's case, it does include other little things and sort of a "season pass" equivalent.

'The Mortal Kombat 11 Kollector’s Edition contains:
Mortal Kombat 11 game
Certificate of authenticity on metal plate
Exclusive Kollector’s Edition Steelcase and metal magnetic MK11 emblem
Premium Edition Steelcase
Kombat pass (6 x fighters & 6 battlepasses)
Additional DLC TBC
1/1 scale Scorpion Statue
Collectors box'

However, I find it hard to tell what quality build the mask/statue is made of without any provide real pics or making of video. Something "real" should have been advertised with it in regards to mask that represents its high asking price imo.

Metro Exodus Spartan Edition has done it better with a video showcasing the actual items you'll receive.

Segata30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I worked as a manager at Gamestop when Halo 3 released and for months we had those CE's stacked up in the bathroom (our backroom was full) we couldn't sell. No one wanted to buy it after a short while. Eventually just shipped them back to HQ. Those things just wouldn't sell aside from the weeks leading into the launch for a week or so post-launch.

SlagWolf30d ago

I got the Halo 3 collectors edition for $60 some month later.

Xb1ps431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Is the mask wearable? how well will it fit? Would be a great Halloween costume or something but for 300 I should get the whole damn costume.

Segata30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

lol, no way. Willing to bet that thing is like 6-8 inches wide and likely no hole to even put even a tiny head into but a solid bottom with just a tiny hole for the stand. I remember people being so hyped to wear the Helmet from Halo 3 CE only to get it and realize the thing was too small to fit on a human head and the opening on the bottom was a rectangle shape to fit on the base that held the game.

Xb1ps430d ago

Figures... if they want that kind of money I would want a genuine scorpion costume, like wtf is $240 going towards?!

Just give me the basic game for now... I’ll jump in on these expensive limited additions when it’s actually worth it..

Mk11 day 1... can’t wait for the story mode!

SenorFartCushion31d ago

Hence why no AAA game needs microtransactions; collectors editions are just one element of monetary gain out of 10s that these companies have at their disposal.

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