Details revealed for Future Press' Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium book

The release date, cover and other details have been revealed for for the Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium book from Future Press.

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zacfoldor1004d ago

Oh, okay I can talk to this. I recently played Dark Souls remastered and ordered the Future Press Dark Souls Remastered guide in hardcover. It has been excellent. The maps are good. The only problem I had is it had that new book spine and page feel, so I had to break it in like a baseball glove, lol. I ended up leaving heavy weights on it and working the spine up and down roughly so that when I opened the book it stayed fully open. It was a very sturdy binding and once it was broken in it was a delight to use. I bought 2 fancy bookmarks and a clip on light from amazon that was just dedicated to that book. I constantly referenced between maps and boss strats while playing in a dark room(hence the clip on light). It is by far the best strategy guide I've ever used and I feel it added a lot to my game. Highly recommended anything about Dark Souls coming from Future Press.

Orionsangel1004d ago

Imagine if they linked all three games into one huge world.