Is Advance Wars Dead In The Water?

The latest Advance Wars news in recent memory was in December when Nintendo trademarked the series once again. Does this mean there may be an announcement in the future? It sure could. There could be something in the next Nintendo Direct, like the next game in the franchise or maybe even a re-release to see if there is still interest in the series,

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SterlingSilver34d ago

But did you even read the article?

King_Noctis32d ago

I doubt he does when it comes to negative news regarding Nintendo.

Michiel198933d ago

I sure hope it returns. This is the first tactics game i played when it released on gba. Afterwards I went back to play a lot of other tactics games, tactics ogre, shining force, ff tactics (advance), disgaea and a couple others. Didnt enjoy advance wars on the ds that much, but it was still a good game. Would be pleased to see a new entry (on switch) as long as its not real time strategy like the gc/wii versions.

Kikutaro33d ago ShowReplies(4)
Segata33d ago

Series isn't called Advance wars. Began on Famicom as Famicom Wars. It's just the Wars series as we had spinoffs like Battalion Wars. Yes it's dead. IS is making a million Fire Emblem games now

ShinRon33d ago

i think ual Strike is the best IS game, i hope they do something with advance wars soon

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