Metal Gear Solid 5 – What The Hell Happened?

How did one of the most legendary franchises of all time end on such a divisive note?

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2pacalypsenow919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Open world.

MGS is made for linear gameplay, how are you gonna run into a boss and then go do another mission that nothing to do with it and then come back.

It throws everything off.

Plus it was unfinished.

ArchangelMike919d ago

The open world worked well, the only real problem was that Konami pulled the plug on Kojima mid-production.

Jon_Targaryen919d ago

You are aware this game has been in development for more than 3 years before Konami pulled the plug, right? Stop being a Kojima defender, this game had flop writtwn all over it since it was announced.

Tech5919d ago

"Metal Gear Solid 5 – What The Hell Happened?"

not enough bases to explore. GZ set a great bar for base exploration and dark mood for story.
TPP was also great. was expecting it though to have more bases like GZ.

-Foxtrot919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Oh please lets not blame Konami here for that...they are to blame for a lot of things, they are arseholes but Kojima just made an average Metal Gear Solid game, that's the hard truth to swallow. Even if he had another year on that game it still would have roughly the same problems

The world was lifeless

It was repetitive, enemy camps just respawned like you had never been there

The loading screens was awful

Fast travel was a god damn pain

The epic boss fights were not present

The story was lacklustre

Snake as a character went backward (yes I know about the twist but that's another issue)

The twist was boring and felt shoe horned in

Sutherland playing Snake was terrible, he sounded bored.

I just can't believe people gave this a free pass and acts like it's perfect or amazing when it's the least MGS game in the main series. It was so average, especially compared to other open world games, it was reviewed on being a MGS game and being a game made for "Godjima" sorry I mean Kojima.

This game would have been better if Ground Zeroes was kept for the main game, that was the opening mission and the real game was actually a huge expanded remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake

Palitera919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Most things worked VERY well.

The game is awesome. 9.3 Metacritic.

Knushwood Butt919d ago

I remember the first section in the hospital being a chore to play.

After that, it just never really grabbed me.

Final nail was failing a mission, then getting respawned right infront of 2 wolves that proceeded to rip me to shreds when there was nothing I could have done to avoid it.

Never played it since.

Name Last Name919d ago

The story happened... Or, actually, it didn't.

Psychonaut919d ago

The story "twist" included as the game was from the jump planned to be the game before Metal Gear was going to be made and end it all. Kojima said awhile back he wanted to do the NES Metal Gear Games into next gen titles. and this game was meant to be the bridge title for the first next gen game featuring Young Snake going after Real Big Boss. But, well we all know the story. -shrugs-

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MrVux000919d ago

If anything people almost universally praised it being the game with best open-world/third-person gameplay this gen.
What people had the most divisiveness was the story and the game ending (along with he controversy with Konami likely ruining the development and forcing the game to be developed for last gen consoles aswell).

Teflon02919d ago

My only problem was the story, but honestly every open world that's this free has had this kind of issue for me but a rare few like GTA, Horizon and so on. When it becomes too free it just throws the story for a loop. It's what ruined Zelda's story for me as well. I thought the old structure was alot better

rainslacker919d ago

I don't think the cross gen aspect was really an issue for the game. It didn't do anything more than what you saw with other open world games from last gen, and nothing suggests that it was supposed to be more grand to require more powerful hardware.

I agree that the story was probably the most divisive part of the game. It had potential, but was extremely poorly implemented, and incomplete. Just watching the mocked up ending that was eventually released changed a lot of thing, and tied up a pretty major loose end that was left by where it ended.


I didn't mind the open world, but it wasn't as much fun to play as some others. It was kind of barren, and sometimes repetitive.

pietro1212919d ago

The open world worked well that wasn't the problem. It's method of storytelling was the issue as well as Konami.

2pacalypsenow919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Open world doesn't fit with the Story line aspect.

There's no continuity in the story, you just drop in and out and the whole story is all over the place.

It's prob the worst main entry in the series. Great game. terrible Metal Gear Solid game.

pietro1212919d ago

They could of made it worked.

EazyC919d ago

Surprised by the downvotes, I thought many people felt this. I will take tight, varied and intricate linear levels over this any day.

rainslacker919d ago

I felt the story of the linear games tended to have more drama and impact. Story here was much more broad, and meant more to define a point of time in the plot, than really advance or heighten the overarching plot of the series.

HeisenbergX919d ago

Lol what ? u serious xDDD

This game was a master of gameplay and open world.

pietro1212919d ago

As many said the gameplay was great, but it was lacking those MGS elements that the franchise is known for.

2pacalypsenow919d ago

Like I said.

"Great game. terrible Metal Gear Solid game."

rainslacker919d ago

Dunno about the open world, but the game play itself was fantastic. Certainly the best in the series. Outside of not being able to move over knee high rise in the environment after jumping over a 5 foot wall.

MoshA919d ago

Death Stranding is exclusive so it will have better graphics and gameplay. It won't be held back by Xbox/PC like multiplats. Also Sony gave Kojima the biggest budget he's ever had and creative freedom.

pietro1212919d ago

Death Stranding will amazing, but that's not how it works and that wasn't the issue.

cooperdnizzle919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Pietro1212, That is how it works. If Kojima comes back with another master class game like people are saying, we will soon know where the problem blossomed from [Corprate greed] You have to look at it hestitcly, if death stranding is rough we will know that the magic is fading. It happens to every creative master mind.

I however believe that we’re not there yet with Kojima. He has still got the magic. How much longer? That is a good question. I feel he’s at least got one more in him.

DarXyde919d ago (Edited 919d ago )


The gameplay mechanics are fantastic and worked quite well in an open world. Easily the best in the series in my opinion. I think Snake Eater as an open world game running on FOX would've been the game to end all games.

I think there are a number of problems...

1. The game was made 1-2 generations too early. Had they waited, the world could've been more densely populated and alive. It was a pretty ambitious undertaking

2. Normally, story is not why I play games. I play because a game is fun. However, Metal Gear Solid has always emphasized story with top notch gameplay mechanics. They only delivered on half this time. It's especially disheartening when this was supposed to help the story come full circle.

3. Kiefer Sutherland. I'm guessing he was too expensive, but it was ridiculous that he didn't talk much. Maybe it was for the sake of the twist, but the exposition using characters around Snake didn't help.

4. The particular lack of memorable boss battles. Sahelanthropus was cool, but there was no big showdown in between. There no squad of supernatural badasses (no, I don't count the Skulls Unit). There was nothing like Dead Cell, the new FOXHOUND, COBRA Unit, or B&Bs.

5. Skullface was talked up, and seriously overwhelmed. I thought it was kinda cool to have a conversation that was not particularly amazing in combat and just very ruthless and methodical, but the lack of a powerful unit to supplement his brilliance was seriously disappointing.

6. No Solid Snake. At all. Seemed strange to have Eli, but no David.

neutralgamer1992919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Kojima happened because he spent way too much time on the fix engine. Not enough cutscenes, weak bosses and barren open world

Konami gave him 80 million and 5 years so yes the popular thing is to hate on Konami but Kojima is the reason Konami don't want to fund big games. Took way too long and wasted time on new voice actors who weren't needed. That's why with Sony he got a engine and his game will be out within next 12-15 months

DarXyde919d ago

"Too much time" on the FOX Engine? Konami has developed, what, 7 or 8 titles from it?

Hardly a wasted effort.

rainslacker919d ago

Konami also assigned him to direct or produce three other games in the time he was creating MGSV. Zone of Enders HD, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, which he came in to fix, and they made Ground Zero. And he began work on Silent Hill, which the PT demo came from.

The production time for MGSV wasn't outlandish for the kind of game it was.

Kojima stated he has never missed a deadline. Do you think he lied? Man is one of the hardest working developers in the industry, and it seems like most people have no clue about the production schedule of this game, or what is considered normal.

How'd he waste time on voice actors? the actual recording and mocap probably happened in a 4-5 weeks time halfway through production. It would have been required regardless of if they had new voice actors or not.

rainslacker919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

I think the open world could have worked for the series, it's just in this game, the open world wasn't that interesting. Some of the side missions were better than any of the story missions though. Ironically, despite the heat that came from the quiet controversies about her clothing, the missions involving her part of the story were often some of the better ones.

I don't think the open world would work for every story in the series though, but in this one, given that it was how Big Boss came to power....sort worked good for side content.

I agree the structure itself was like most open world games, where the sense of urgency doesn't apply outside of main missions, but I don't really know any way that kind of thing could be countered, and it's really the players decision on if they want to play straight through.

Dunno if you ever saw the overview of the actual ending of the game, but it would have made the story so much better in the end.

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ArchangelMike919d ago

Konami was the problem with MGS5.

TL;DR they didn't allow the game to be completed.

Araragifeels 919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Konami was part of the problem but also Kojima too. He waisted more money Hiring Kiefer and making an open world game, making Fox Engine (but it not bad investment for a new engine). They couldn't afford to bring a lot of original voice actor back, they couldn't make cutscenes so they replaced it with cassette tapes, missing boss fight, final chapter was never finished, couldn't add Cuba island to the main game and lied about, cutscenes that appear in trailer was cut out, Adult Chico idea was abandoned, somehow ruin Ocelot character.

Araragifeels 919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

*Edit comment*

Konami was part of the problem but also Kojima too. He waisted more money Hiring Kiefer and making an open world game, creating the Fox Engine ( it not bad investment for a new engine).

They couldn't afford to bring a lot of original voice actor back, they couldn't make cutscenes so they replaced it with cassette tapes, missing boss fight, final chapter was never finished, couldn't add Cuba island to the main game and lied about it, cutscenes that appear in trailer was cut out, Adult Chico idea was abandoned, somehow Ocelot character changed in this game, Big Boss and Punished Snake had only few lines through the entire game compare to Ocelot, broken promises about side missions (repetitive and nothing like Ground Zerous side missions).

If only this game was linear then we wouldn't have an unfinished game. Konami is obviously at fault but Kojima desire too much for his game that the story was sacrifice for it.

generic-user-name918d ago

First of all, nobody knows how much money was 'wasted'. Kojima claims he never goes over budget when developing his games and nobody has proved otherwise. FOX Engine would have made them money if Konami had stuck to the original plan of licensing the engine to other devs like was originally intended. What original voice actors could they not afford to bring back? If you're talking about Zero, he had like one conversation, the original VA turned his nose up at their offer but we don't know what was offered to him. The cassette tapes were a direct result of people whining about there being too many cutscenes in MGS4, with cassette tapes you can listen and play at the same time. I agree boss fights were poor apart from Quiet and Sahelanthropus. Final chapter and Camp Omega, very likely to be Konami's fault more than Kojima's.

Kojima was not allowed to talk to his team for the final 6 months of development (crunch time, when tons of work is done), of course there was going to be things missing when you do something like that. MGS1-4 with Kojima being left alone were great, MGS V with Kojima being held back by Konami, not so great.

rainslacker919d ago

You're TL:DR is longer than your first sentence.....

PS4Gamer1984919d ago

As a huge, I mean HUGE MGS fan who thinks MGS3 Snake Eater is the best video game ever made period. MGSV was a GIGANTIC let down. The story was non existent, the interesting boss battles with amazing back stories was non existent, it certainly didn’t have that emotional wow factor like the previous installments.

It was just awful and so disappointing the greatest gaming franchise ever ended on this note

pietro1212919d ago

That's exactly how I felt. Gameplay was great, but it was lacking in every other aspect that that the franchise great.

Jon_Targaryen919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

I had this fantasy of how MGS V would be when I first saw the hospital scene with that awesome "were all beautiful people trailer". Little did we veteran die hard fans know that this was going to be the biggest middle finger to the hardcore fans, seeing this game was made for casual new comers who never even followed the series anyways. Its them who usually say this game is great, seeing they dont kbow the lore anyways.

I headcanoned the whole mgs v just to make sense of everything.

Dreamcatcher45919d ago

I'm a huge MGS fan as well, and I loved the beginning of it when u were saving McDonell Miller, but as the hours went pass it just felt less and less like MGS and more like you were some random guy doing rescue missions.

The mission when you had to rescue two CIA agents is when I turned off the game and never went back, and I concider MGS 1 the best game ever made.

salmonade919d ago

Well I thought MGSV was awesome. I rated it a 10/10. I put in around 200 hours into it. Also, I NEVER played any of the other Metal Gear Sold games except Ground Zeroes (single mission game). So that was what I thought about it being a newcomer into the franchise.

generic-user-name918d ago

I'm in the same boat as you, I still think MGSV has the best stealth gameplay of any game out there, but boy was it disappointing as a long time MGS fan. Quiet was ok, at least she got a full arc, but Chico getting cut, Liquid, Skull Face, Miller's weird end, the awful much felt unfinished and rushed. Ground Zeroes showed such promise too.

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DethWish919d ago

I bet there were plans for alot more cutscenes and Sutherland but I think that was cut as well

Jon_Targaryen919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

I remember reading BS back in the day where Kojima or someone at Kojima productions said they got Sutherland for mocap purposes and for the cutscenes, I recall the word "experienced" was thrown out there. That turned out to be a lie too. Troy Baker said the mocap was already done wehn they did the voice acting. Fudging liars

DethWish919d ago

I dont think it was a lie, I think they had the plans but Konami forced them to throw it away